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My man SEBI brings the goods. Ffs Kimi ruined both his laps with errors


All the more reason for Ferrari fans like me to watch it. Would love nothing more than a boring, uneventful race upfront for Seb but I think this is going to be tough as Max and Ricciardo have both shown a lot of pace this weekend. Max, especially is going to be a big threat, and he can sometimes be over aggressive with his moves so Seb will have to watch it. So, I don’t think it will be a dead GP.


Max the prat is surely gonna try to push Seb off the track at the start :xhaka:


It’s raining!
Thanks Kimi! You have fucked Vettel up!


There you go


Dirty cunt Hamilton!


Dead gp


That’s for that scottish who loves Kimi. Happy now @Electrifying?


This race is so good I’m tempted to stick with it over seeing Arsenal lose again


That was 100% Sebastian’s fault and you know it lol.


Should have stayed in his position, instead he wanted to win the race.


Yeah fuck him for wanting to win a race right??? :arteta:

@Mysty check this lol


He didn’t have the chance to win the race.


See you in 2018. Congratulations to Hamilton.


^^ Probably not even in the top 3 of your most over-reactionary posts either GFI hah


We have lost the title. I am fine with it.


Vettel caused the whole thing by squeezing Max very early. Max couldnt go anywhere. It was unfortunate for Ferrari that Vettel didnt know Kimi was on the inside too.


Hamilton wins. Title over for Vettel. We go again in 2018.


LOL I dont understand on what planet that can be kimis fault haha. Sweet sweet ferrari tears.


He is not his fault at all in the end. It was just the heat of the race. Hamilton has basically won the title though. Congratulations.