The Official Formula One thread


It was joke, you Hamilton pudding.


C’mon Ferrari!
Good start by Kimi, normal from Seb.
Kimi and Bottas :cech:
Bottas looks up for it.
Verstappen at it again, lol!
Christ! Mercedes are flying FFS!
Vettel fourth now after overtaking Stroll.
Well done Kimi, you turd!
Vettel 3rd now.
Hulkenberg is the first to pit.


Kimi so slow lol. Just checked outside and the grass is still green.


Stop moaning Kimi!
Hamilton just so fucking fast! Pit-stop for Kimi.
Pit-stop for Ocon as well.
What an overtake from Ricciardo!
5-second penalty for Palmer and Kimi is above Stroll.
Lewis with a little mistake.


Red bull radio: “Massa next. He is on his own”

Ricciardo: “Good. I like them vunerable”



Well-done Kimi.
Ricciardo might still finish 3rd. fecking stop Seb now!
Palmer retires.
Pit -stop for Vettel. He is 4th now.
God, McLaren is just shit this season.
Ricciardo’s pit-stop and he comes back 5th.
Alonso hates Palmer, lol!
Ricciardo >>>>>>>>>>Raikkonen.
Ricciardo could still catch Vettel, lol!
Ricciardo 1 second faster than Vettel. Pathetic.
Yeah, new contract for Kimi and no Ricciardo next year.
Alonso retires. I do feel sorry for him.
Good, Lewis top the table for the first time this season. Meh :frowning:


Lewis owns Ferrari and the Tifosi

“Mercedes power is better than Ferrari power” ha


He’s not wrong. Today Renault power was even better


And before he got booed off the park. Well done Ferrari fans for putting the snake in his place.


So? We knew we wouldn’t have won here.


Quite a result for ferrari that the redbulls had grid penalties this weekend otherwise it would have been pretty costly


Sneaky cunt.



Ahahah! Still 7 races to go and most of the tracks favour Ferrari, you Hamilton fanboys :wink:


Even if that is true, all that means is that the Ferraris will not be as hopelessly outpaced as they were yesterday. And you can be sure, Lewis will out qualify both Seb and Kimi even if the track favours the Ferraris. So, while Seb might continue to finish on the podium, Lewis will, more often than not, finish above Seb. The way I see it, the title is Lewis’ to win. :santi:


Well, Singapore is very similar to Monaco and Hungary where Ferrari won. Abu Dhabi and Austin as well.


Chilli joins Renault in the first F1 loan deal I have ever heard of lol


The Singapore Grand Prix qualifying take place at 2:00 p.m. Ricciardo looks up for it.


Going to be a dead GP with fuck all overtaking


Q1: Verstappen, Ricciardo, Alonso and Sainz.

Pathetic from Ferrari. We are like Arsenal: bottling when it matters.

Q2: Verstappen, Ricciardo, Raikkonen and Vettel.

Still not good. FFS! Ferrari is sleeping.