The Official Formula One thread


The force indias fighting again :joy::joy::joy:


THis race just got good. Can Hamilton be passed here in the last 12 laps or so?


Great race! Both Lewis and Seb were superb. Congratulations to Hamilton for the win.


Loved the drag race between Vettel and Hamilton after the restart.


You gonna thank Kimi for the tow he gave Seb that helped him to the front row @Luca_from_Italy you goddamn risotto ball?!?!?!?!


Kimi is showing to be a true squad driver, unlinke some of our players :ozil2:


Pleasantly surprised by Ferraris performance today. Monza could more interesting than we thought.


Monza this weekend! Would nice to win here, albeit this track favours Mercedes.


Lewis Hamilton is a weirdo


For this thing?


I think Vettel will win this


It’s raining quite heavily.
Red flag due to aquaplaning to Grosjean. Lewis and Seb did well to get off with 1st and 2nd so far.
Re-start of sessione delayed. Next information 14:30.
15 more minutes.


What a fucking joke. Fia are cunts. This is easily dry enough to race on now.


Senna and Schumacher would have raced.


God, FIA is just like Arsenal: they don’t know what to do.
Do they want entertaining races? This is the perfect conditions to do it.
15 minutes more. Fuck off!
This is beyond a joke now. They keep on postponing!
Of course, it got worse now.


Ferrari is god damn awful under the rain.


What a qualifying session (finally)

Well done Stroll

Lewis new Pole Record holder!!


Those conditions were wetter than at the start of Q1 when the red flag came out.

Take it away Seb…


Yeah, Charlie’s plot against Ferrari.


Stop being bitter. Ferrari were awful today