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Its so frustrating that the mid section causes too much turbulance to even catch up let alone overtake. Lasagne boys win again.


Haters gonna hate.


If you want some exciting road course racing watch the IndyCar mid ohio race today lads.


Yeah fuck you hulkenberg


Lol suck my balls mate.


Wow, that was more tense than it needed to be. It could have gone horribly wrong for Ferrari but luckily it didn’t. Kudos to Vettel for dealing with the problems he had throughout the race with the steering and managing to get the win. Great drive by Kimi, would have liked to see him win but I guess he did the right thing by not trying anything stupid.

And finally, hats off tp Lewis for being a proper gentleman. Didn’t see that coming, not because I am not his biggest fan, but because it’s just not what any racer would do, not if he were that far ahead of their team mate, not if he was giving up crucial championship points that might ultimately decide the title. I can understand if he was just a couple of seconds ahead of Bottas and he let him past him right at the end but to be 7 - 8 seconds ahead, and have the risk of Verstappen taking advantage of the whole situation, I think what Lewis did was commendable indeed.


So just as I’d hoped/expected, Ferrari did the business in Hungary. Good 1-2 for the team. Just sucks Kimi has to play the team player role these days, but it’s understandable, when Ferrari need all the points for the World Championship. I think had Kimi been in another team behind Vettel, he probably would’ve tried an undercut. All I ask is Kimi to win one race again, is that too much to ask?. :sweat_smile: Probably going to need Vettel to have a total off day for that to happen

Interesting to see if the Mercedes swap over costs them later in the season or not. They might be ok for now. Spa will be good for them, as will Monza. It’s been a real interesting first half of the season with little to seperate the teams. I still feel Mercedes have a slight edge, and therefore Ferrari have to fully maximise their chances to win the title this season.

Last note, a terrific performance from Alonso to 6th. Great move on Sainz and more impressively, setting fastest lap right at the end, without pitting for fresh tyres, was amazing!

This image might end up quite an iconic one to come in the future should Vettel win the title this year, and Alonso wondering what might’ve been :joy:


I love how @Luca_from_Italy has gone from “today we’ve officially lost the title” to “Ferrari is going through a downward spiral” to Vettel leading the Championship race in a matter of only 2 weeks lol

All it needs is for him to be absolute smug about it for the rest of the F1 season.

Never change :racing_car:


So Ferrari has to lose the title to let Kimi win a race? You Kimi fan boys are the worst for him. Great team work from him!


Cheers mate. It’s called “reverse psychology” :wink:


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:570, topic:119”]
So Ferrari has to lose the title to let Kimi win a race? You Kimi fan boys are the worst for him. Great team work from him!
[/quote]Lol, you’ve clearly misunderstood what I just said. I meant it sucks in a sense that compared to a decade ago, Kimi was a leading figure, who used to be number 1 in the team. But now is in a part of his career where he doesn’t have the raw speed like he used to and realistically has to play the supporting role. I’ve already said many time previously it makes complete sense to Ferrari to priortise Vettel for the title.

But that doesn’t mean I have to totally accept liking second place finishes all the time though. Just one win at some point when the opportunity arises would be nice. And who are you calling a fanboy anyways :coq:


Ok, fair point mate. Think he can win in Belgium, as it is favourite track.


I hope not and I hope he wins more than just a 1 more. Let’s hope he finds some form and luck in the second half of the season. It wouldn’t hurt to have both Bottas and Kimi get a few wins between them to keep Vettel and Lewis honest.


Kimi and Bottas should know their place. Its all about Seb and Lewis at this moment in time, they are ‘first’ drivers because they are better.

Im genuinely surprised that Lewis gave that position back, or that Mercedes actually let it happen. Every point counts and it could be a mistake come the end of the season. Lewis was clearly faster and Bottas should have moved over earlier, but Lewis wasted laps behind Bottas then gave it back in the end. Should have just been ruthless. Bottas is in no place to argue on his 1 year contract.

Kimi was faster than vettel in places but theres no way they are getting swapped. Even when Vettel had problems, Kimi still protected Sebs lead.

I think Lewis and Mercs fucked up here.


Kimi’s problem is that he only seems on it when the car is amazing, and when the car is amazing, Seb is usually imperious and unparalleled anyways.

Look at Bottas’s win in Russia, it was made easier for Mercedes that Hamilton was nowhere, struggling in 4th. Same with Austria, where Lewis got a penalty.

That makes it a lot easier for Mercedes to focus on Valterri and get him some good results.

It is proven by Silverstone for example that Kimi can finish in front of Sebastian, and the team will let him do that.

To get the win though, he needs to just be on it for the rest of the year and capitalise when Seb has a bad weekend. When seb has a bad weekend, Kimi usually has a shit one. If he can turn that into good ones, and beat the Mercs, then wins will come.



One more year of Kimi. He is like Wenger: he doesn’t want to leave :wink:


I love Kimi and am glad he has another year. I really hope the contract extension motivates him to do even better for the remainder of this season.


I don’t know. Kimi drives well only when he wants.


Pole for Lewis in the Belgian Grand Prix, but Seb is very close.