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It was more powerful, but not than Mercedes :santi2:. Hopefully Hungary is gonna a more helpful track, as it is very slow.


Me, when Kimi suffered his tyre puncture with 3 laps to go.

Of course in the end, it could’ve been even worse, in the case of Vettel who suffered an even larger failure. Still, I shouldn’t be surprised, Kimi’s career has been riddled with bad luck. Shame as he drove a good race today and 2nd would’ve been a great result. Still, podium better than nothing I guess.

I think Ferrari are still in this fight for the World title, but since Canada, a lot of mistakes have started creeping in. Their pace at most tracks with Mercedes is still very close. Hungary I think will be better for them with the warmer conditions, but they badly need to win that race now before the Summer break.

Loved the battle between Max and Vettel, no quarters given on that :smiley: Ricciardo recovered well from the back. Pleased for Hulkenberg on a weekend the Renault finally showed some good pace to 6th. Really need to sort their reliability out though. I mean, everyone knows Palmer will be gone whatever happens this season, but not having two reliable cars is going to screw any chance of a decent finish in the constructors.


Please, give me Ricciardo instead of Kimi next season. Sick of him having 1 good race in 20.


The FIA want to press on with it regardless of the fact that 9 out of the 10 teams have opposed against the introduction of the Halo. FIA have no bloody clue. Hate it, hate it, hate it.


Fucking hell that is shit news. Going to absolutely decimate the beauty of these machines.


Do f1 teams ever do concept cars? How would they look if not for all the regulations I wonder?


@shamrockgooner In recent years, a couple of teams have done mock ups of what cars could look like if they have free reigns to design whatever, or what they could look 10 or so years done the line.

A few years back, Red Bull designed the ‘X2010’ concept car. You could drive it on the Grand Turismo games! It was absolutely nuts.

Initially the concept of the X2010 was based on a low air resistance, single seater covered wheel prototype, a wing car powered by a forced induction engine producing 1479 HP,[3] aiming to achieve a top speed of over 470 km/h (292 mph) (max of 494 km/h whilst using slipstreams in the game) and a maximum lateral G-force of 6g.


At a certain point don’t these guys know they are risking something by getting into and open wheeled car and pushing it to the limit? I guess driver safety comes first but eventually it won’t be the same sport.


That is cool as fuck.


[quote=“Arsenal4thetreble, post:549, topic:119, full:true”]
At a certain point don’t these guys know they are risking something by getting into and open wheeled car and pushing it to the limit? I guess driver safety comes first but eventually it won’t be the same sport.
[/quote]That’s my feelings as well. I totally get trying to improve safety and what not, but it’s getting to a point now where it’s gone too much the other way. Everything’s too sanitised. What I like about Indycar is it’s rather old school vibe with the tracks and stuff. Take Road America they used the other week. If F1 went there, they would change and make the run offs so damn big, it wouldn’t be half the fun or challenge after that.

I feel this is still a legacy of what happened to Jules Bianchi, but that was more of the stupidity of the officials sending our a digger for another car at racing speeds, and not under a Safety Car, that done him.

I’ve noticed a lot in recent years people moving slowly onto watching Motorbike racing, because the risk element is much higher and the racing is really exciting. You don’t see those guys wrapped up in a cacoon. Sure, it’ll never gain the popularity of car racing, but that’s fine. It’s like a hidden gem that’s best off not being too big.


All the cars are gonna turn in some horrible vehicles to watch.


Part of sport is risk of injury. As blunt as it sounds it’s part of the thrill and why millions tune in. There’s a thin line between risk and making it too sanitised as Mysty mentioned. I know it’s not the stone age anymore and its not about life and death, but its part of the human psyche to want to compete.


Robert Kubica will be testing a current 2017 car in next week’s test in Hungary, as he continues his push for a return to F1 for Renault.

Absolutely awesome story. He’s had two tests recently in a 2012 spec car and apparently he’s lost none of his speed.

Would be incredible if he did comeback to race full time after his horrendous accident 6 years ago, where he partily severed his arm. A real case of what might’ve been had he not suffered that Rally accident. Had been very much tipped to be Alonso’s team mate back in the Ferrari days.


Massive hungarian grand prix for Ferrari this weekend, as we are going through a downward spiral.


Ferrari had insane pace this morning.


Lucky cheating Ferrari. Their car needs investigating.


No, this track just suits us well. Well done Seb and Kimi!


Good start for Ferrari, while Verstappen took Ricciardo out and got a 10 seconds penalty.
Ferrari are literally flying! Already 10 seconds above Hamilton.
Fuck! Vettel struggling now.
Vettel still above Kimi after his pit stop.
Great! Seb is struggling so much! FFS!
Bottas let Hamilton through.


What an utterly pointless racetrack.


This Ferrari’s win sounded similar to Arsenal’s: started strongly, finished tits up.