The Official Formula One thread


And yet, he’s still Ferrari’s last World Champion. Not even Alonso can say this :slight_smile:


He has to help Seb. End of it. If you don’t like it go and support that cunt who drives for Shiterders.


C’mon Seb!


Palmer already having problems, lol!
Start aborted! :cech:
Now we go! Vettel starts crap, while Verstappen well.
Sainz out because he was hit by Kvyat. SC deployed.
SC in this lap.
Drive through for Kvyat.
Ricciardo overtakes Alonso.
Seb very close to Max now. Should overtake him in few laps.
Now Bottas is gonna overtake Seb thanks to Verstappen.
Seb pit. He had to do it because the bastard wasn’t let him go through.
YESSSSSSSSSSS! Seb ahead of the cunt!
Seb overtakes Hulkenberg.


Max was brilliant against Vettel :clap:




Raikkonen and Lewis stop.
Box for Bottas. He is behind both Kimi and Seb now.
Alonso to retire again.
Bottas is gonna finish above Seb for sure.
Ricciardo is a great driver.
Only 2.9 seconds between Seb and Valtteri.
Vettel is fucked.
R.I.P Seb. It was coming.
Congratulations to Hamilton. He is gonna win the title for sure now. Ferrari did the best they could this season.


Can’t believe this final. Spechless.


The title race is over.


@Luca_from_Italy you kust he so triggered right now m8


Scottish troll.


What a great end to the race! Kimi is really unlucky.

It seems like Vettels undercut on Max mid race ultimately cost him. Weird how both Ferraris suffered identical punctures.

Lewis is the king of Silverstone though. 4 in a row now, brilliant.



Why do you take offence to everything I say lol.

I thought my post was a fair reflection on the race.


I am furious because today we have officially lost the title. Sorry mate.


The Daily Mail calls Vettel “Lewis’s bitter rival”. Stay always classy Daily Fail! Stay always not full nationalist!


The superior straight line speed of the Mercedes is what made the difference. The punctures just compounded the problem for Ferrari in the end. I don’t think the drivers championship is over though. Lewis and Valteri are definitely going to have the edge given their superior cars but I think the Ferrari will keep them honest. I would love the Ferrari’s and the RBs to find some more horse power to really give the Mercs a run for their money, on any circuit, in any kind of conditions.


Ferrari had a more powerful PU today, tbh. It’s just that they still can’t fucking develop their car well.


I mean a more powerful engine than the Merc. The ease with which Lewis pulled away from Kimi, and Bottas overtook Vettel is proof enough that the Mercs cannot be caught in a straight line, and Silverstone is ideal for them.


I’m sure your die hard support of the Italian team is for purely spiritual reasons.