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Hamilton very aggressive. He overtakes Grosjean now.


It looks very, very tight, tbh.
Drive through for Kvyat.
Kimi :mustafi:. Love his team radio!
Lewis’s tyres don’t look that good.
Hamilton about to overtake Kimi.
Impressive race by Bottas.


Oh my. Just need Grojean to retire!


I think Lewis has some problems on his car.
Magnussen to retire.
Pit stop for Lewis. Ultrasoft for him.
Ricciardo stops as well.
Super soft for Vettel.
Lewis moaning about his front wing.
Raikkonen above Bottas, but he still has to stop.
Easy overtake for Bottas with Kimi who stops now.
FFS! Hamilton above Kimi as well.
Less than 4 seconds between Bottas and Vettel.
Lewis trying to finish 3rd.
2.5 seconds between Bottas and Vettel! C’mon!
1.9! Wow!
1.2! Yes! C’mon c’mon!
Vettel’s last 10 laps was just majestic. Unlucky not to win. Still increasing their lead on Hamilton though.


The best parts of that race was the first and last lap


Yep a pretty dull race. Really can be hit and miss. It’s especially worse when you’re not invested into a specific driver!


Lots of excitement in the last few laps of that race. Another couple of laps and Lewis would have overtaken Riciardo and Seb would have done the same to Bottas. Anyway, great to see some close finishes in the last two races. On to Silverstone next. Can’t wait.


What’s up with Kimi not able to set his steering wheel? :coq:


Really don’t understand that. It’s always his car that seems to have problems. I really do think he is capable of a lot more pace and podium finishes. He might not be the Kimi of old but surely he is fast enough to finish on the podium more often than the Red Bulls.


It’s raining in Silverstone!


Daniel off with a turbo problem, end of his qualifying. Red flag!
Q1: Alonso, Verstappen, Hamilton and Hulkenberg.
Q2: Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel and Raikkonen. Mercedes looks so much strong on this track.
Lewis being such a cunt here. Grosjean was right to complain.
Pole for Lewis above Kimi the fucktard and Vettel.


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:512, topic:119”]
Kimi the fucktard

Don’t make me send your ass to Coventry, Ceefax :bellerin:


He’s a fucking cunt! He has done nothing until now and now he finishes above Seb? Hope he get out of the way tomorrow. C’MON SEB! FUCK KIMI!


Mate the title is over. Vettel isn’t winning it. Ferrari’s big engine upgrade and they are still behind Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton has this championship won.

I hope Ferrari and Kimi can win a few races in the rest of the season though.


Of course, you are a traitor who supports Kimi the fucking finnish turtle. As long as long Vettel wins some races and always finishes 2nd he is favourite to win the title.


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:514, topic:119”]
He’s a fucking cunt! He has done nothing until now and now he finishes above Seb? Hope he get out of the way tomorrow.
[/quote]He’s a ‘cunt’ for outqualifying Kimi eh? Maybe Seb should just drive faster next time. :henry2:

I wouldn’t worry anyways. No points for Qualifying, Ferrari have all day tomorrow to find a way to jump Seb ahead of Kimi :santi:

Maybe Lewis and Seb can channel their inner Schumacher/Hill from 1995 and take each other out, so Kimi can win, pretty please racing gods :giroud3:


We have to win the fucking title! Fuck Kimi! FFS!


English fans supporting a finnish prat because they are clearly Hamilton fans. C’mon Seb! Let’s do it!


At least the brits have a driver to support :wink:


Ferrari is an italian car, the most succesful in the history of Formula 1. My problem with Raikkonen is that is a lazy cunt. He doesn’t help my team.