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Bottas got second on the line :joy::joy:

Fair play to Stroll that was a superb race


What a race. The luck going against Lewis again. I guess its the only way Vettel will win this championship.

Bottas nicking 2nd on the line HOLY.




Yeah, poor child! He is usually so correct!


both Lewis and Vettel got off lightly imo.

AND Bottas actually. He will continue to be dumb as hell when defending in the future no doubts.


Unlucky Lewis. Did nothing wrong this weekend. Great restarts only to get done by a dodgy head rest.

Shame on Vettel for acting like a petulant child. And Kimi for cutting across Bottas. Bloody cheating Ferrari, the Berlusconi pasta boys :xhaka:


If this is a windup for Luca, fair enough but that is blatantly not what happened. Kimi had already passed Bottas round the outside and was holding hos line goving Bottas space.

Bottas hit a bump and then went careering into the side of Kimi, cos he was carrying too much speed and didn’t want to lose that place desperately.


Vettel going full Mugabe media lockdown about the second contact lol.


Yeah, go and stick a pudding up your ass. Not a funny trolling.


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:469, topic:119, full:true”]
Yeah, go and stick a pudding up your ass. Not a funny trolling.
[/quote]Then don’t make it so easy for everyone then :slight_smile:
That race was truly mental today. I really didn’t expect much, but so much drama throughout.

Of course on a day when it’s total chaos, both my drivers have to be totally shaffed on :santi: Bottas and Kimi just seem like magnets together, with Kimi coming worst off most of the time.

Great win for Danny Ric, but I can’t believe young Stroll getting his first podium. He’s starting to find his feet it seems in F1 and fair play to him.

As for Lewis and Vettel. Yes you could see Vettel had a right to be annoyed with the sudden brake checking, BUT, he totally lost his head drawing alongside Lewis and smacking into him. A 4 time World Champion should know better than to do that. Have words after the race, not use your car as a weapon. Could’ve had a totally easy win in the end, if he’d kept his cool and not landed himself a silly penalty.

Onwards to the mountains of Austria!


I hope Maurizio explains that to him next race. Getting kinda sick of these outbursts from Seb.

Well deseved winner in Ricciardo, classy driver who doesn’t do this kind of dumb shit. Bet that has made Max proper raging as well. :kroenke:

Can’t wait till he is in the Ferrari, really becoming my new favourite of the drivers.


So Hamilton did nothing wrong? I don’t make an excuse for Seb, but it just doesn’t exist to brake in that way.


Vettel 153
Your boy Hamilton 139


Ahahhaha! Does he still exist?


Stewards at F1’s Azerbaijan GP found no evidence in telemetry data of Lewis Hamilton either brake-testing or lifting off unexpectedly in his clash with Sebastian Vettel before Sunday’s second safety car restart.

Although Vettel is adamant that he was brake-tested on the exit of Turn 15 prior to him making contact with the rear of the Mercedes, analysis of data from Hamilton’s car by the FIA showed no proof of that.

The FIA investigation, which took place during the course of the race, threw up no suggestion that Hamilton had braked nor lifted off entirely.

Furthermore, analysis of how Hamilton had behaved in the first safety car restart, and the one after the incident, showed that the British driver had behaved exactly the same at that point of the track as he prepared to get back up to racing speed.


Awesome race. Real nail biting stuff. Had my heart in my mouth on so many occasions. Totally unexpected winner but a special mention has to go to Lance Stroll. Although he lost the 2nd position right at the finish line, for someone just 18 years old, that was a “take notice” performance, on a challenging track. Bottas had a great race as well, except for the start where he ruined Kimi’s race again. It’s gonna come back and bite him in the arse for sure. Feel real sorry for Kimi. Seems to be getting all the bad luck with that incident and then the puncture.

As for Lewis and Seb, as big a Ferrari fan as I am, I think what Seb did was uncalled for. It was just a case of road rage which you don’t expect from F1 drivers, especially from a multiple champion. I am sure someone at Ferrari would have had a word with him. Not only was that stupid, he could have done damage to his car, and therefore to his and Ferrari’s race. Just imagine, if he hadn’t had that stop and go penalty, he probably would have finished on the podium. All this has managed to do is make the rest of the season more tasty. Those two were reasonably cordial with each other till now but you sense it’s going to get spicy now.


Ok, case closed. Lewis remains a sneaky cunt though.


Vettel runs the risk of getting banned from the Austria Grand Prix. Fucking Mercedes and their dirty tricks.



You know, Toto was strangely quite nice to Vettel after Baku, making rumours go round again about Vettel having a 2018 pre-contract with Mercedes.

Kinda hope it’s true, get Danny Ric in.


Waiting for GFI


Fucking Todt! Leave Seb alone! He already got punished :sanchez2: