The Official Formula One thread


FUCK OFF! Only Lewis is to blame.


Vettel wtf man. Looks like he went into him


LOL Hamilton actually hasnt accelerated through the corner. Vettels lost the plot again. Love it.


Lmao this race is brilliant. That restart was absolutely mental.

LOL at Vettel using his car as a weapon :joy::joy::joy:

Ferrari are a shambles today!


Didn’t see the replay. Sorry guys.


I only saw the replay just after you posted to fair, not sure why vettel did that lol


Vettel has to be punished for that surely. Disgraceful


So Lewis.


Typical english men protecting their boys.


Lewis did nothing wrong. Vettel turned into a nutter


Lol! Absolutely not! He was exiting the corner and then slammed the brakes.


Vettel is a fool. Had a tantrum. Lewis was being sneaky but that was terrible stuff from Vettel


He was just getting ready for the restart. No need for Vettel to turn into the incredible hulk


No point in arguing with Hamilton supporters. Just ban Vettel until the end of the season.


Drivers must not drive unnecessarily slowly, erratically or in a manner that could be deemed potentially dangerous to other competitors. Drivers may not pit, unless it is to change tyres. They are also not permitted to overtake, except if another driver in front enters the pit lane or slows with an obvious problem.


Kimi is alive!


Good restart from Vettel.


Superb move from Ricciardo!


Phew! I feared another SF here.
Fastest lap for Lewis. His car isn’t damaged.
Bottas can finish third.
2.4 seconds between Hamilton and Vettel. It is still open.