The Official Formula One thread


@discobot if he keeps going like this, how long till Luca gets an aneurysm?

Edit how tf do you work this thing?


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I know many people in this board support Lewis fucking Hamilton. But i have the right to support Ferrari.
Now go and cook an angus with chips, then go to the bathroom and take a shit.


haha the last part got me


You’re not alone there my friend, Forza scuderia !!


Think Lewis will get the win, Ferrari’s not in good shape ahead of the race. Hope it’s a good one!


C’mon Ferrari!


Raikkonen and Bottas clash!
Vettel is 2nd.
Long pit stop for Bottas. He changes his tyres as well.
Hamilton is having no problem in leading the race.
Finishing 2nd would be good for Vettel, considering he is driving with an old engine.


This has been a very good race so far! Kimi is lucky that he didn’t come off too bad from the clash with bottas


Fastet lap for Seb!
Verstappen to retire!


Kvyat out, what a surprise!

Max has a loss of power!

Safety car time, Lewis and Seb pitting


Hamilton and Vettel both stop.


Good. Don’t like Max

EDIT: Haha Kimi, put that boneheaded move from Bottas better than anyone could. Hope he gets a podium.


Bottas’s car losing pieces :giroud3:
Wow! Lucky Vettel here!
Oh, and Kimi lost positions.
Another SC! AHAHAH!



Two force India’s knock into eachother!

Another safety car hahaha


LOL! Carnage!
Vettel is clearly cautios when restarting.


We’re still only lap 21 lol.


Hamilton should get a penalty.
Red flag!


Hamilton Vettel both penalty please. What a shambles.