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I really like Toto. He comes across as a very amusing character whenever he gives interviews to Sky. I also really like Niki Lauda, I think the two work superbly together.

Christian Horner is also another entertain team principle. I think these guys definitely act positively to F1. Great characters to have in the sport


@Mysty, i always say what i think. I am not political correct :wink:


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@Mysty, i always say what i think. I am not political correct :wink:
[/quote]You’re not always correct either :wenger:


Ban me if you want. No problem. I take it :wink:


You wouldn’t say that to Leper. :santi2:


His Italian name?


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Ban me if you want. No problem. I take it :wink:
[/quote]Take him away boys…


@PPB His real name is Torger apparently lol.




@Mysty :joy:


Now getting back to the thread in hand, and there’s strong rumours floating around that Mclaren are set to ditch the Power of Nightmares after this season and revert back to Mercedes. It’s a massive shame the whole Honda situation didn’t work out, it’s been one of the biggest flops in the history of the sport.

Short term, Mclaren will be much more competitive, but in the long run, they’re still going to need to find another route to win World Championships again I feel. They’ve given up a lot of money Honda provided, money they don’t have as much of as they did 5 years ago.

I mean even before Honda, they had very average seasons in 2013 and 2014. Still, the move maybe enough to convince Alonso to stay onboard.


Good, Lewis back in form. He is gonna win the title for sure now. Massive pole for him in the European Grand Prix in Baku :hipster:


Lewis with a massive pole? @Persona certainly approves!:giroud3:


I guess you do support Mercedes, don’t you? I bloody hate them. They have become strong again.


Luca chill. Vettel has a buggered engine and Fez do better on Sundays anyways


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Luca chill.
[/quote]Telling Luca to chill, is like asking Coquelin not to go diving into a reckless tackle :coq:

FYI Luca, the bullshit European GP tag they gave this race last year has been ditched, it’s now the Azerbaijan Grand Prix :giroud:

I’m honestly not expecting much from this race tomorrow. Battle for podium might be decent, but Mercs too strong here I feel.

Far as I’m concerned the best place to be racing wise tomorrow is the MotoGP at Assen :+1: I wish more on here were into it lol, it’s probably the best form of racing right now, given how insanely strong and competitive it is and the all round excitement and bravery level.


Hope so. Couldn’t stand that cocky Toto face once again :xhaka:


Lewis the one lap master


Hopefully not the race master :wink:


He is going to walk the race. Only Bottas is a contender and theres no way Mercedes pass up max points for Lewis :wink:


Let’s see. I still angry with you for what you did against Seb two weeks ago :hipster: