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Vettel has damaged his wing.


Pit stop for Vettel. He is done for this race.


Thanks @Midfield_Maestro! You doom monger against Vettel :xhaka:


Verstappen done!


Vettel 11th. He is climbing up the table.
Easy for Seb against Stroll. 9th.
Vettel 8th.
Pit for Bottas.
“You are not giving me useful information” Nando :coq:
Vettel could still finish third.
Mercedes thinks everyone is on 1 stop.
Fastest lap for Kimi :hipster:
Tight race for the third.
Ultrasoft for Vettel. Could be interesting now.
Vettel is 13 seconds behind Ricciardo.
Vettel overtakes Raikkonen.
Vettel 4th. Not bad in the end.


Lol poor Fernando


Thanks Verstappen! Seb would have easily finished second without you.
And fuck off that german cunt Toto Wolff! Hate him to the bits!


Not my fault Vettel’s terrible :eyes:


Is it because they always tend to be cocky and arrogant and they never learn from the past?


Just hate his cocky smile everytime they win.


LOL! It was Verstappen’s fault. Oh, tell me who is topping the table? :wink:


Max >>>>>> Vettel


Max is a little bitch


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:368, topic:119”]
And fuck off that german cunt Toto Wolff! Hate him to the bits!
[/quote]I know you hate your Germans, but Toto is Austrian my Italian chum :ramsey:

Good race today, Ferrari really had a day to forget, though nice recovery from Seb. Force India should’ve had a podium but Perez unwillingness to let Ocon by cost them dearly. I think they’ll do extremely well around Baku where they got a podium last year.

Overall, good for the championship to see Lewis close up a bit, he had a proper Sunday cruise today.

Max did nothing wrong in that incident with Vettel. it’s the start, he found a gap and made excellent use of it. Remember the tyres are so wide now, plus wide front wings. Shit happens. Even Seb said it was just one of things. To quote the yanks, “Rubbin’ is racing” :poldi:


Toto isn’t even a German name and why would one hate him lol


He leads a german team :hipster:


Dunno what it is about him but am with you on this. Just don’t like him. BTW, I don’t feel the same about Nikki Lauda at all.


He is a Ferrari man after all.


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:377, topic:119, full:true”]
He leads a german team
[/quote]Who make the engines and cars here in the UK :wenger: I do agree though, there is something about Toto who is a bit fishy.


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:364, topic:119, full:true”]
Thanks @Midfield_Maestro! You doom monger against Vettel
[/quote]Why are you do make it so easy for everyone to wind you up? :laughing: