The Official Formula One thread


Kimi has finally woken up! Pole for him above Vettel. Lewis so crap, instead.


Ferrari 1 and 2…Luca you must be happy. Great way to start your day, winning the FA Cup will only make it better :hipster:


Yeah, let’s destroy Chelsea! :hipster:


For the love of god, please win tomorrow Kimi. Would be the most awesome weekend of results if he can! Keeping my fingers firmly crossed for the Kimister.


Ehm…need Vettel to win to stretch the lead at the top :wink:


Fuck Vettel (I want him to win the title too but…), I want to see Kimi win one more time at least before he retires. Let Kimi have this race please! :gunnersaurus: I’ll be fuming if Ferrari call team orders or fuck with his strategy.



12 years apart, man still has it.

Yeah fuck Vettel. If he wanted the win then he should have got pole.

If Ferrari pull a fast one I will be raging. Kimi has to scamper off to make sure nobody even thinks of that shit.


Ok guys, let’s put it in this way: Kimi to win, Seb to finish second and Lewis to retire :wenger:


Here we go Gents. I reckon this is gonna be eventful


C’mon Seb and Kimi!


Calm start :slight_smile: Kimi and Seb are already bossing it.
Kimi so fucking fast!
Poor Lewis, gonna struggle to finish in the top 10.


Maybe not then. Kimi flying. Only 5 drivers have changed position since the start


Ferrari looks so flawless. Just the perfect car.
Bottas has not given up yet.
Vettel is very close to Kimi now.


I can’t decide who is better looking out of Hulkenberg and Carlos Sainz

Girl Problems…




Bottas and Verstappen getting close now.


I take it you don’t have an opinion on this important issue then Luca? :grin:


I’d say Nico :hipster:


Stop Seb now! Ricciardo is becoming dangerous.
TAKE A BOW SON! What a lap for Seb!
Pit for Ricciardo.
Seb above Kimi!
Kimi runs the risk of finishing third.


I officially hate this race today. :Sigh