The Official Formula One thread


I’d understand it if Bottas hadn’t won the last race and beating Hamilton in every training session.


Lewis and Seb pit stops once again.


SEB!!! :giroud2:


Bottas out apparently !!


Gonna be so tense 'til the end!




Fucking hell what a race, superb last few laps from Lewis!!!


Italians in charge of strategy. :facepalm:




Think Lewis has to pit once more.




Vettel does well in keeping his second place. They are good points for the title.
Ferrari is better than Mercedes this season, as Mercedes needs to resorts to some tricks to win the races.


Oh, please. This is all Ferrari. Highest budget, lowest iq.


Racist wurstel! Ferrari showed once again to have built a great car this season. Go and support you beloved nazi krauti Mercedes :mustafi:


Actually it was the Belgian’s fault.

Fucking Vandoorne




It’s turning out to be a fantastic duel between the old foes this season. This is much more of a proper rivalry than the half arsed Mercedes inter team battle we had to suffer for three seasons. Two of the best drivers of their generation, so closely matched this year is really fun to watch.

Ferrari cost themselves the win today. I’m not sure why they pitted first, during the first set of stops. It just allowed Mercedes control to do something different, i.e. sticking the mediums on, and attack later in the race. Also losing all that time behind Bottas was costly too.

Ultmately it’s all fine margains that won or lost it for these two. Not a good day for the Finns. Kimi always seems to come off worse whenever him and Bottas collide :santi:

Force India are absolutely bossing the top 4 this year, amazing effort getting both cars in the points every race. Happy to see Hulkenberg take 6th place. Renault would be fucked without him. Palmer is awful. Need to get rid of him sharpish. They can get 5th this year, but need points from the second car.

Speaking of other useless drivers, Stroll just isn’t cutting the mustard in F1. He’s too slow and doesn’t look at all at ease with these cars right now. Think it’s too much, too soon for someone so young. But hey ho, Williams opted for the money route, so this is what you get…


I must say I’m loving the Vettel-Hamilton rivalry at the moment. Two world class drivers in pretty equal cars. I feel Vettel has the edge, but Mercedes have the best team and strategies behind them. I absolutely love Toto and Lauda, they definitely give Hamilton a slight edge.

Already much better than last season.


I really can’t wait for Monaco. Sure the race is can be rather dull sometimes, but the single lap challenge, the surroundings and everything make it a real favourite of mine. So many good moments.

I still absolutely love this clip, when Alonso and Raikkonen used to rule F1. When KImi was truly a boss :sunglasses:

And my god, nothing will EVER beat a V10. In an alternative universe, they would still be used somewhere.


They are thinking of bringing back The V8s. With less complicated less expensive hybrid systems.

Personally I hate Monaco. Absolute borefest and shitshow of a race, something F1 has outgrown imo. At least the cars have. These wider cars will he impossible to get round lowe’s hairpin lol.

Well hopefully Ferrari get a win, they should have the past few races. Also not won round here since 2001. Which is way too long.