The Official Formula One thread


This was my highlight of the race :joy:

Love the fact this was half way into the race and only then he realised it was Hamilton behind him all along and not Bottas :smiley:


This did make me really laugh at the time haha. He seemed really panicked by it.

Also, I’ve just seen the Massa-Vettel squabble again. At the time I thought he couldn’t move out the way, but it seems Massa was being really awkward, bordering on becoming an issue that’d deserve a penalty. Not sure why he did it tbh, didn’t know him and Vettel didn’t get on (or it could be his relationship with Ferrari)


Former team mate to Bottas, they may have had a good relationship. Also maybe a bit of FU to Ferrari too perhaps. It was definitely deliberate. Massa’s race was done.


Good to see a new race winner but disappointed by how both Ferrari’s were over taken right at the start. Overall, it’s all positive for Ferrari who did it all this weekend except for winning the race. Surprised by Lewis’s inability to stick close to the top 3. In the end, I really hope that Kimi and Valteri start showing such pace and competitiveness on a more regular basis. It would just make for such an entertaining season.


The real test will be in Spain. Those first 4 circuits were a bit particular.


If you look at the start, Vettel actually has a good one.

Mercedes still unfortunately got their HECTIC mode, which they used to great effect here. Their top power is so much more than anything anyone else has got.

Remember Bahrain, where Bottas was miles behind Vettel at the SC restart but almost got him after 2 long straights. He would have done if the straights were longer. And that’s what happened in Russia. So despite Ferrari probably being quicker on the day, Vettel probably would never have been able to pass after the start.

I don’t think any other track has as long a run to turn 1 so it shouldn’t be as much of an issue but still something to bear in mind.


Btw Senna passed 23 years ago to the day…yesterday. Was he as good as they say he was? Heard that He, Mansel, and Prost used to have some epic battles back in the day.


He was.

Hard to compare between eras imo, but he was extraordinary. Probably the best ever.

I must admit I found him a bit overrated because of Prost and Schumacher’s superior stats but after having it outlined how much a part a dominant car really plays in those things I realised he was probably better than the both of them.

That 91 title win was something else. I’m told the Williams were superior cars but he still brought it home, winning some great races. Like Alonso almost did in 2012 i think.


I still remember watching the Imola race where he died, and let’s not forget Ratzenberger! Senna was the best ever imo. He drove for good teams sure, but his driving skills were something else compared to others. Hard to judge who’s the best in a sport where the car you drive is such a huge factor. But still.


I read about that Imola race. Yeah the German guy dies the day before in qualifying. Then on Sunday the race went to yellow because someone crashed and a tire flew into the stands injuring a bunch of spectators. That’s the reason they say Senna lost control, because they had 6 laps under yellow and the pace car was too slow and the tires got cold. Anyways that whole race sounded like a complete shit show.

Edit: btw sickest livery ever, wish they still had this car on the grid, gorgeous.


Just a small correction, but Ratzenberger was Austrian, not German :slight_smile:

There are a number reasons as to what might’ve caused Senna’s death. This famously led to the whole incident going to court as several Williams people like Adrian Newey were under investigation. When a death of a driver happens in Italy, it gets taken to court. The whole saga lasted for three years until an eventual conclusion that no one at the team was proven at fault for his death.

What didn’t help in his crash was the black box, that records all the data logging for the car was destroyed in the accident, so that didn’t help matters.

Senna was definately one of the best of all time, but it’s debatable if he was the best. I feel a lot of people jump onto the bandwagon a little of Senna because he was a very charamastic guy who touched the lives of so many around the World that gone too soon. People tend to romance a bit when someone is taken too soon I’ve noticed. But amongs the great drivers, he did a lot of bad things too. he did many things that were very questionable, but yet seems to get away with compared to say someone likes Schumacher antics.

It’s impossible to compare eras but to me, someone like Jim Clark is possibly the greatest driver of all time. He could’ve had so many more wins if Lotus wasn’t so crap with reliablity over the years. Won the Indy 500, BTCC champion too, but what I liked about him despite not being around when he raced, he seemed like a totally normal guy. When he wasn’t racing, he was a farmer in Scotland. On his grave, he also mentions that part, as well as being World Champion.


Yeah after reading about all the champs, Senna, Clark, Fangio, Schu are probably the ones with the strongest claim as the GOAT.

I agree about people romanticizing him a bit, Suzuka 1989 and 1990 were bang out and nobody remembers that side of Senna. Also his gap chat is BS.

About the crash, didn’t Newey say the suspension failed going into Tamburello?


Vettel literally threw pole away in the Spanish Grand Prix yesterday. Hopefully he can make amends today. @Mysty @Electrifying @CunningLinguist @will24


Get in Seb! Great start! While Kimi had to retire.
Nice fight between Lewis and Seb!
Fucking Bottas trying to block Vettel, FFS!




Mental start

Looks like race done now though. Grats to Vettel and Ferrari. Going to be a challenging season for Mercedes for a change.


Hope Bottas brokes his engine. Fucking Montoya-esque behaviour.


Wow, Bottas is really friendzoned. :joy:


So germans like to cheat as well ;). Toto can fuck off :mustafi:


I understand that they’re teammates but come on man, holding up Vettel , and letting Hamilton pass him like that’s his job , running for Hamilton and not himself…Vettel showing him how it’s done with the overtake.