The Official Formula One thread


Pole!!! 1st and 2nd! Mercedes falling apart :mustafi:


Can’t believe that’s the first Ferrari front row lock out for almost 9 years :laughing: Good to see. Now they really got to take advanage tomorrow in the race.

BTW, how useless is Palmer in that Renault> Boy they need a better driver alongside Hulkenberg.


Really looking forward to this one. The start will be crucial, you’d think Mercedes will want to get past Kimi very quick.

Get fucked Mclaren, ffs. Alonso not even starting the race due to an embaressingly poor car.


Alonso already retired :smile:


Not a good start by Ferrari. Fuck!


Superb start from bottas. Mercedes will want Lewis to pass Kimi asap.

Palmer is just a joke tbh :joy:


Mclaren can fuck off. Palmer is a GP2 driver in an F1 car.

Bottas superb start.


Vettel is struggling to keep it up with Bottas.


Tale of two Mercedes’. Bottas is thriving and Hamilton is really struggling to find some pace.


Taxi for Hamilton :mustafi:


Hamilton is losing the plot, lol!


Shaping up to be an incredibly boring race. The cars are quite far apart.


Lewis starting to push well.


Seb finally starting to make up ground on Bottas.
Only 2.6 seconds between Seb and Valtteri!
Pit stop for Bottas. Now for Kimi and Lewis.
Seb to pit? Edit: No!
Now yes. Pit for Seb.


Think Vettel will get this. He’s seriously closing in on Bottas, with fresher tyres and being the better driver, he’ll catch him.


Well, well done Valtteri. Drove like a true champion, Deserved win.


Superb drive and win from Bottas!! A lot of pressure and held his nerve. Could be the making of him in that Mercedes!


And massive luck with two overtaking situations. Massa can probably forget visiting the Ferrari box anytime soon. Great resistance under pressure from Bottas, though. Had Hamilton in his pocket the entire weekend.


Sochi really is a Valencia clone in sheer bordom. Happy for Bottas to take his first ever win, but god this track really sucks for action each year. And now we got Spain and Monaco coming up, more tracks with terrible passing records.

Good to see Kimi much more on the pace this weekend, finally back on the podium. Hamilton was totally outclassed this weekend.


Massa was really unprofessional and totally ruined the last lap of the race, wish he stayed retired.