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He could actually win the indy 500, while he’ll be middle of the pack at Monaco. It’s not really all that surprising in that sense, is it?


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He could actually win the indy 500, while he’ll be middle of the pack at Monaco. It’s not really all that surprising in that sense, is it?
[/quote]It’s amazing in a sense that a driver from F1 is willing to go off and do Indy during the season, which hasn’t been done in over 50 years, so really, it is amazing news. Don’t down play it man lol.

Anyways, it’ll be interesting to see how he gets on, I think it’s a huge task though to win it first time without having ever raced in these cars nor raced on an oval before.

Mclaren will actually be quite decent at Monaco ironically.


Anything to get away from that heap of crap McLaren I’m guessing :wink:


I think it speaks to the parity of Indy Car though. Maybe he’ll be at a disadvantage because of the factors you brought up, but he will have a better chance winning Indianapolis as opposed to Monaco.


How does this work lol?


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How does this work lol?
[/quote]He’s replacing Fernando Alonso who’s off to race at the Indy 500 the same weekend :slight_smile: Button is still on Mclaren’s books as a reserver driver, even though he’s not racing this year. Simple really.


Is Button the 3rd driver then, I never knew that. I’d assumed he retired fully, but it looks as if him and Vandoorme (?) have just swapped roles?


What a pole for Bottas! Really put Lewis and Seb in their place.


YES SEB!!! What a win! Perfect strategy to fuck Mercedes up :mustafi:


Really liking what Vettel’s doing, great win…the crew absolutely loves him too.


Much better from Kimi too.

Mercedes chucked it for Lewis though. Well, to an extent. They should have responded I guess.

Well, this battle is bubbling up nicely.

Also amazing stuff from Alonso lol. Giving zero fucks on the radio and on track. We need him in a competitive car ASAP.


Kimi is still in zombie mode, tbh.


Alonso is apparently planning to retire with one lap to go every race unless in the points. How great haha.


Not surprised regards to the Alonso thing. He’s done it at Australia and thought it seemed odd how he retired there too.

TBH, while part of me feels sorry for him as he is in a dire car, the other part of me can’t help but laugh that he left Ferrari because basically relations had broken down there and Vettel is really pushing that team on atm.

Of course, long season still to go, but really happy to see Ferrari really taking it to Mercedes. Despite the gap in Qually yesterday, I always felt they still had a good chance of the win, provided Seb could split the Mercs at the start, which is what he did.

Feel for Kimi again, having to pass Massa twice ultimately lost him quite a bit of time and any chance of a podium, which was definately possible today.

Overall, three races down, I’m really liking 2017 season so far :+1:


Hope Arsenal can do what Ferrari is doing atm next season :mustafi:


Lol wow. So I come into this thread thinking that you guys are getting hyped for the race, come to find out the race is apparently over and NBCSN delay F1 races. Ffs, it’s just coming on tv here. Amazing…well u learn something new every day.


The abscence of that little word LIVE in the upper right corner gives it away.


When Ferrari planned their pit stop perfectly so Vettel slotted into clean air, knew it was curtains.

Very entertaining race thoughout, especially the mid to end of the field. Alonso cracks me up, what a legend.


While I am delighted with a second win for Ferrari and Vettel, I would really like to see Ferrari dominate a grand prix right from the practice sessions, to the qualification and the race itself. Just top the charts in every session. Don’t think they have that in them yet. They did well yesterday but you get the feeling, if there were another 10 laps to go in the end, Hamilton would have caught Vettel and possibly overtaken him. I know a win is a win but winning due to out right pace and winning due to some tactical decisions are two different things. Having said that, am enjoying this season. Finally, something to look forward to on the weekends, if you know what I mean.


Awful final sector from Mercedes. It’s a Ferrari one-two for the start of the race!