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If The Rock were a Ferrari fan, he would go like “Finally, the reds have returned to the top of the podium.”

What a race by Ferrari? Loved the fact that Vettel never let Lewis out of his sight all through the first part of the race until the pit stops and from then on, just had a serene drive, full of authority, power and pace. No dramas, no issues. It’s still early days though and so I will still be guarded in my optimism as Ferrari have to prove themselves on different tracks in different conditions. Having said that, all indications from the Australian GP suggest Ferrari are back and are going to give the Mercs a run for their money. It looks like this is going to be a closely fought season.

The only negative was the lack of pace shown by Kimi but I think that might have been down to the car setup not being quite like he wanted. He was complaining of over steer during FP. Not too worried though cause Kimi showed good pace during winter testing and is a quick driver once he has the car exactly how he wants it.


That’s the most important thing. Even if Lewis hadn’t fucked it up during his pit stop, Vettel would have been very close to him.



Just caught up on the race, why are McLaren still so shit? Is it really just Honda? I really thought they’d be back at least competing to be the 4th best team this year.


Would be nice to compare us to a car in terms of performances. Guess we are Force India :mustafi:


I believe it’s a combination of poor management, worse engine on the grid, and overall poor aerodynamics/build. Its a miracle they’ve got Alonso behind one of the wheels of that car because its a shambles.


As a Williams fan boy I have very little to hope for these days. I’ve been cheering Valteri, but Massa and Stroll leave little to be optimistic about. I had hoped they would find their way back from a performance perspective… but it doesn’t appear that they’ve made any real headway there either.


Funnily enough, Liverpool and Tottenham had their own racing cars a while back, in the pointlessly shortlived ‘Superleague Formula’ during in the late 00s.

It was a series that combined Football and Motor racing into one. Football teams as racing teams. Others included the likes of AC Milan, Rangers. I honestly never saw the point in the concept and saw no point in watching it, even more so when there was no Arsenal team. The cars were decent, but the level of drivers they attracted were mostly poor, washed up has beens. Unsurprisingly the championship was an absolute comercial failure and folded after a few seasons.


Sauber had the Chelsea logo on their car until two seasons ago i think. Bad marketing decision there.


Lewis wins another pole in the Chinese Grand Prix, but Seb is breathing down his neck. It’s gonna be a great battle again.


Whos watching? Weird starting conditions.


Very strange race so far.

I feel as if Lewis should’ve pitted by now :thinking:

Superb driving by Verstappen. Just left Kimi out to dry :sweat_smile:

Edit: seems as if Hamilton has already gone in, must’ve missed it


Go on MAX


Well in Lewis!

Superb drive and race tactics. The early pit really cost Vettel.

Also Verstappen did a superb job!! All day he’s been awesome, and he did superb to fend off Ricciardo.


Business as usual. The second place is still a good result for Seb. And what a race by Max!


Well done Max. Im dissapointed not to have backed him for a podium finish when at 17th


@Mysty mate, you need to slap the shit out your boy.

Fuckn get it together Kimi, crap stuff.


Kimi has been average for ages now. Cant even blame the car as Vettel is doing a job. Maybe he is just not as good setting up the car, or his pit crew are weaker than Vettel’s.


[quote=“Electrifying, post:237, topic:119, full:true”]
@Mysty mate, you need to slap the shit out your boy.

Fuckn get it together Kimi, crap stuff.
[/quote]Yeah I was really disappointed with Kimi :santi: I don’t know why he’s so tentative in battles. Sometimes he either makes a great pass, or takes far too long to get by someone. Seb was on fire yesterday. Kimi badly needs to up his game, otherwise Mercedes will do the business as the season progresses. Whoever comes out on top in the Merc/Ferrari battle, will depend on how the Finns perform.

I am really hoping he gets back to form in Bahrain, a circuit he’s finished 2nd at, four times in the last five seasons, so he’s normally strong around there. He at the very least needs a podium.

As the the race, some really good battles. Felt more like a proper race, drivers having to work hard to make the moves. Shame Vettel lost out in the pitstops with the Safety Car. It’s shaping up to be a classic Lewis/Seb battle.


Fernando Alonso is going to compete in the Indy 500 THIS YEAR. He will miss the Monaco GP.

Absolutely amazing news.