The Official Formula One thread


It starts in 2 hours right? Not sure I can stay awake for another 3.5 :confused:


What time is it over your way lads?


5:20 AM… with summer time switching this night.


10pm for me, i can handle that.


4.25 here at the mo. British summer time so clocks went forward 1 hour this eve which helped a bit. Race starts in 90 mins


@PPB and @Midfield_Maestro, you guys might aswell carry on then, might need something a little stronger than coffee though haha! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @Arsenal4thetreble… that is a good time for watching racing IMO! :slight_smile:


I’m used to watching Indy car with a bratwurst and beer in hand around lunch time, but 10pm will be a lot quieter with the kids in bed at least :joy:


Getting to that stage where ypure so tired youre not actually tired anymore :confused:


That’s when you know it’s getting good and the hallucinations aren’t far off!


I actually feel sorry for Hamilton. I get the impression he cares more about the money than the driving itself. There’s more money hanging around his neck than most people would probably earn in their entire lifetime.


That’s right, you gotta break through that first wall.


Ferrari are basically keeping up with Mercedes for 15 rounds now. That’s more than in the previous 3 years combined. :grinning:


I dont think Hamilton will win this


Ferrari is currently holding a strategy meeting on how to still fuck up the race for Vettel. :grinning:


Ferrari :giroud2:

Kimi :sanchez2:

Absolutely dreadful pace by him. Being caught by Max…


He’s surely on another setup than Seb. The gap between them is not that big.


Get the fuck in Seb! Totally outclassed Lewis. We finally managed to win a race. The only negative thing is Kimi who couldn’t keep it up with Vettel.


Really wish I got up for this! Will have to watch the highlights later.
Glad Seb got the win, should be a good season!


Seeing Toto Wolff get ‘annoyed’ for the cameras was funny.

Great strategy by Ferrari, picked the only window of opportunity to get that Ferrari out in front. Vettel back in the game!


What a driver Alonso is.

Such a shame that he is in such an awful car, seems as if Mclaren haven’t made that much progress over the summer. Going to be another tough and awful season for them it seems.