The Official Formula One thread


That force india looks baller imo


1 week and then we start again. Ferrari seems to be in a great form (just like Arsenal :mustafi:)


Cannae wait

Big pile up first corner Melbourne :slight_smile:


Thoughts? Good odds for Vettel.


Count e back in just because the cars look so much better and are faster. So, they might make overtaking harder this season. Who gives a fuck. The overtakes themselves were a pisstake anyways, the vast majority being a ‘cruise around a slower car with no tyres like lapping a backmarker’ style overtakes.

Certainly not that many did, as audience numbers fell in the past years, as overtake number rose. What people care about are close title fights. If we get one of those we will be happy.


@Electrifying @Mysty, thoughts?

I try to be optimistic for once. Not that we can win the title, but some races yes.


I’m looking forward to the changes this season. Will they improve the racing? i guess we shall wait and see. but at least they should be able to push for a lot longer and hopefully have to think less in saving everything. Let the drivers be able to attack more.

As for the battles up front. Well we really need Ferrari and Red Bull to press Mercedes. The last three seasons have not been enjoyable seeing one team absolutely blitz everything. The sport desperately needs competition up front. In general the new cars and some of the rule tweaks look good. I’m already much happier with the look of the cars.

Really want to see Kimi win a race again, as might be his last season. Battle in midfield should be good. Honda are a mess, but at least the engine token system is gone, so it does give them some chance to get their problems sorted faster. Going to be a long year either way for Mclaren.

I’ll remain cautious, but 2017 really feels like a new dawn with Bernie gone too, starting the road to a new adventure :slight_smile:


Top 4? :wenger:



Mercedes are dominant until they are not.

Until it is PROVEN they are not. Fuck what Ferrari look like. At least for now.


Not saying we can win the title, but i think and i hope we have learnt from the past. We seems to have work hard on the development, something we have forgot to do in the last years.


Got Practice 1 on as I dont have work tomorrow. Never watch practices usually but wanted to see these new machines in action!

Edit: Cars are already 4 seconds quicker than last year’s FP1 times in Aus. Nice…


Guess who made the best lap :expressionless:


My favourite driver is Stoffel van Doorne

As you were.


Second free practices:



I miss Schumacher. He was such a prick. Such an absolute dickhead, but he was a winner and a huge personality. Now my idea of a personality is Kimi and that’s just because he’s a cheeky and dry as fuck kinda guy. Where have the men gone from the sport? Is it because I’m older than many of these guys these days? Only Alonso seems on a good level.

Hamilton is black Aaron Ramsey. Uninspiring despite his incredible talent. (Not that Ramsey has incredible talent but I swear they were raised in the same conditions as they are both so dull).


Seb and Lewis so fucking fast :giroud2:. It’s gonna be a great battle tomorrow.


Anyone watching this live?


Yeah mate.


I’m trying to. On my 3rd coffee of the night :skull_crossbones:


Nooice so Ferrari qualified second?? Good I’m hoping for some legit action this season! Still pulling for Hamilton and Mercedes though, just want it to be a bit harder.