The Official Birthday thread


Happy birthday @Mysty!


Thanks @Luca_from_Italy :slight_smile: And thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday in MDC. The match today was the best present I could’ve asked for :+1:


Happy birthday mate. Good present from the Arsenal!


Sorry for being late, but happy birthday mate!!! @Mysty
Hope the arsenal gave you a great present but also some decent proper presents were gotten too.


Forgot to write back to you two, but thanks a lot for the wishes @Midfield_Maestro and @Electrifying , it really was a day to remember!

Anyways, what I really want to post is that, I’m pleased to announce we have a new plugin for birthdays! I’ll write in detail in another post how it works but thought I’ll let you guys know you can now edit in your personal settings :slight_smile: More information on how it looks and works here:


@Midfield_Maestro I’ve removed the Birthday list from your original post, now that we have the birthday plugin. All the Birthdays that were on the list are now displayed in the birthday link

Anyone can add or remove their birthdays anytime they wish in their preference settings :slight_smile: October is currently the only month without a birthday!


Happy Birthday Tony! The big 5 Zero.


Happy Birthday @Cannon , hope you had a good one :+1:


Happy birthday mate!


@Mysty @Luca_from_Italy cheers guys :blush:


Happy Birthday @TheSpecialCnut my Chilean amigo! :sanchez:


Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:


Happy birthday dude!


Happy birthday mate!


Happy cnuting birthday man!!


Happy birthday you cnut :wink:




Don’t worry Cuellar giving attention to Thespecialcnut is just a temporary thing, all the attention will be back to you and your non shit football opinions shortly.

However yes happy birthday to one of the funniest guys around here! :champagne:


[quote=“Calum, post:79, topic:369”]
Happy birthday you cnut :wink:
[/quote]Gunning still manages to give your post a like :arteta:


Vanity thread alert, anyone?
:slight_smile: )