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What do you mean by you really are Ned Flanders?


[quote=“Calum, post:44, topic:369”]
What do you mean by you really are Ned Flanders?
[/quote]There’s a scene in one of the episodes, where Homer gets frustrated that Ned doesn’t seem to hate anything, and says to him “See, you like everything”.Hence, LFI, is Ned Flanders :ramsey:


Just for the record its not me editing the the OP. Just in case anyone thought I cared that much :joy:


@Mysty, is that a problem? If not, i am gonna keep on liking :ozil2:




It’s my birthday today. I’m 43. I am no longer the answer.


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday mate :slight_smile: :birthday:


Happy Birthday brah!


Happy birthday mate


Happy birthday mate!


Happy birthday :birthday::tada: , have a lovely day!


Lol yeah I’m starting to think of myself in professional athlete years as well lately, which is sad to do because if that was the case I’d be on the wind down towards retirement :facepalm:


Happy birthday!


Thanks gents. The Mrs. gave me FIFA16. I was up until 2 AM getting Arsenal through the pre-season. Ridiculous.


Wow thats a sackable offence. Getting Fifa 16 two weeks before Fifa 17 is out.


Ha! I’m up to “Team Ambassador” age now. Yeesh I’m old.


Happy birthday @Mysty!


Thanks @Calum :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday, Sir Mystical! :slight_smile: