The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Westbrook is the MVP. What he’s doing is insane, nothing I’ve ever seen since watching the NBA for 30 years. Harden is going to win it because his team has more wins. It’s a shame because Westbrook is surrounded by crap.


Actually Oklahoma City was projected to win more games than Houston. Some (ESPN) sources had it closer than others, but it was expected OKC was going to win 43-50 games.

Maybe Houston is going to win more games and more than was projected for them, because of Harden who makes his teammates actually better, which is what my defintion of MVP is.


Meh, most valuable player is a vague term. Westbrook is keeping okc afloat. Houston has a much better roster imo. All you proved to me is that the pundits thought the OKC players were a lot better than they were…but they are trash.


We’re just changing the rules (if they are any for MVP) to suit Westbrook’ case for MVP. F.e. when Curry got voted for MVP and Harden was 2nd in the voting, the fact that Curry was playing on a much better roster didn’t matter.

Harden is surrounded by journey men.


Absolute savage blow


Cavs destroyed celtics in Boston yesterday to all but wrap up no 1 seed. The Blazers edge closer to 8th seed in the West with a comeback win vs the wolves today due to :crab:


Franchise record 59 points for Dame Lillard today in the Portland vs Utah game.


OKC and Houston will play each other in first round.


Cleveland just dropped a 26 point 3 quarter time lead vs Atlanta :eyes:


Kobe scored 82 get on his level. Laker fan boy talking here.


Portland confirmed in the playoffs on the back of a 36 foot buzzer beater from Westbrook.


Westbrook broke the triple-double record set by Robertson. If there is any season for a co-mvp it would be this one in my opinion. Both those guys (Harden and Westbrook) are deserving.


I was rooting for Jokic, but Portland probably has a better team at the end of the day. The play-off race for 6-8 is going to be tight next season. Portland, Denver, Minnesota is going to be better. Dallas with a fit Dirk is always going to be in the mix and you would say Davis and Cousins are at least going to figure it out to a level where they can compete for play-offs spots.


Giannis Antetokounmpo became the first player in NBA history to be top 20 in Point, rebounds, assist, steals and block.


Love the Greek Freak.


East Playoffs: Boston vs Chicago, Cleveland vs Indiana, Toronto vs Milwaukee & Washington vs Atlanta. West Playoffs : Golden State vs Portland, San Antonio vs Memphis, Houston vs OKC & LA Clippers vs Utah.


Cleveland came back from 25 points down to beat Indiana to take a 3-0 series lead, King James with something like 41/13/12.


The East has been a mess since Derrick Rose got injured. We probably need to wait another two years before Milwaukee and Philadelphia are genuine contenders. Unless Boston finds a proper free agent/trade to elevate them to that status.


Yeah Boston are well coached but despite getting the no 1 seed they simply don’t have the talent level required to compete.


Lebron doing Lebron things.

Honestly I can only see the Bucks and the Bulls being to win more that a game vs the Cavs. And the Cavs would still win the series.