The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Giannis is an absolute star in the making love watching him play. Bucks have a bright future with him and Jabari Parker.


Wish the Blazers could play the Lakers 82 times a season.


Philadelphia are having their breakthrough season of sorts. They won the last eight out of ten games.


They better seeing as they’ve been tanking for top draft picks for about 10 years now lol.


People are giving them too much of a hard time tbh. If Embiid didn’t get injured ‘The Process’ would have started sooner. But nobody has time for those kind of nuances.


Has a team with a same talent level as the Heat ever gone on a 13 game win streak before ? I can’t recall something like this, amazing scenes.


Cousins has been traded to New Orleans. Both Davis and him now have the help they have been waiting for. I hope this works out for them, because for me a great front court seems the answer to counter Golden State’ death line-up. It’s going too take them one or two years to work things out though.


Chris Paul should head back to New Orleans and join them when he’s a free agent.


I know the salary cap has risen quite a lot, but three max players seems a bit much. We still need to see how that’ll play out with Golden State. Players probably need to take lesser salaries. More shooters and at least a capable point guard (what Holiday is) seems to be a better fit than a dominant point guard like Chris Paul albeit Paul is a great shooter too. Cousins and Davis are both capable passers.


Cousins and Davis can be the best frontcourt since 1999 Duncan/Robinson.


I’m very curious how this plays out. I can’t remember teams with two all-star/all-nba players on their team, in-or-entering their prime, who weren’t winning.


Ibaka to Toronto, Lou Williams to Houston and Bogdanovic to Washington. Teams are trying to get players but none of it will be enough to stop Cleveland or Golden State.


I think if Boston landed a top 10-15 player in the league they’d be a serious threat to the Cavs. Obviously that’s a big if though :joy:


I really doubt a team build around Thomas and f.e. Butler is going to beat Cleveland and Golden State. If I were Danny Ainge I kept all the picks and start collecting talent for the A.L. (After LeBron)-Era. But maybe they can suprise me if they pull the trade off.


I agree I was thinking more DMC though before he went to the Pelicans. But yeah they are likely better keeping the picks and look to cash in post James era.



It’s rumored George is Laker bound unless the Pacers get significantly better in the near future…

Imagine getting Cousins too, if he doesn’t sign an extension with New Orleans.



It depends on what we have to give up for George. I don’t want to lose Ingram or any of our young core. Cousins is an amazing player but a little bit of a head case, and i doubt that team is good enough to beat GSW. Now if we got George, Cousins, and then Westbrook in 18 months…that’s a different story.


I don’t think they will trade for George anyway, but wait out the next 1,5 year tbh. They are both free agents in 2018.

Btw I would sacrifice this whole Lakers team for Cousins and George. They are fairly young themselves (26).


They’ll be old by then. Besides the new CBA will have kicked in and they will have to take a 75m paycut to switch teams. Only way the Lakers will get anyone is by trading our youngsters.


28… with the high pick in the 2017 draft and Ingram the Lakers will have a core to compete immediately.

I reckon George will be fed up with his situation if nothing changes. The money is nice, but I’d guess he would want to compete. Hasn’t Cousins lost that money already, because he got traded?