The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


A Rondo-Wade-Butler backcourt isn’t supposed to work though. Very little shooting for in today’s NBA


I think 60 wins was a bit of much for that team anyway. But with their good start I imagined they could get to 50-52 wins comfortably.


Butler is playing the small forward position and been brilliant and Wade is shooting the basketball very well this year. Lopez and Taj Gibson are also very underrated big men that do the little 1% intangible things very well.


Really odd night of action in the NBA, Bucks destroying the Cavs by 20, Magic beating the Spurs in San Antonio by a dozen & Brooklyn beating the Clippers in double Overtime.


And the Lakers losing to the worst team :sob: not that big a surprise though lol.


Yeah that was more a 50-50, since Holiday has come back Pelicans are around .500 and Davis is just insane.


Mike D’Antoni is redeeming himself. The Houston Rockets are 17-7 currently and 4th placed in the Western Conference. Good to see that for him.


Yeah, he’s got some players now. He’s got them playing like Phoenix used to. Still I’m not a big fan, just because how terrible he was with the Lakers. I’m still bitter about that.


He still won 40 games… The Old Kobe Era is just carbage.


Im also surprised how a banged up Memphis have managed to get themselves to 17-8.


My Blazers having a torrid season at 13-18 after being a surprise conference semi finalist last year :cold_sweat:


Their defence is just terrible, I think they have the worst DRtg in the whole NBA.


Worst out of any team in the last 6-7 years apparently.


To bad my Lakers had an Arsenal like rash of injuries or else we’d have the privilege of being the sacrificial lamb for GSW.


That Cavs vs Warriors game the other day was just insane for a regular season match.


James Harden has just put up 53 points 16 boards and 17 assists in a game vs the Knicks :eyes:


Harden is just a stat monster though it doesn’t directly relate to wins because the guy doesn’t play defense.


Why not? He is their offense.


I would have said this last season but this year the Rockets are 26-9.


D’antoni has that run and gun style system that works wonders in the regular season and then in the playoffs gets exposed. It’s funny cause in explaining the type of team Arsenal are literally this morning I just told my dad that Arsenal are the Houston Rockets of “soccer”.