The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


My main guy Georges Niang made the Indiana Pacers team this year after being drafted in the 2nd round. My new NBA team for sure.


Spurs going 4-0 in their start. If they win 55+ games, which is very likely since they do that almost all the time, the MVP probably should be Leonard’s.


Yeah he’s a great player. Westbrook though with 3 triple doubles in 4 games.


Will come down to if OKC can win enough games, yes they are 3-0 but they have only beaten 76ers, Suns and Lakers…


It’s true that shouldn’t factor into the discussion but it does. OKC will probably be the third our fourth seed in the west so IMO Westbrook is the favorite.


Yeah if they finish as a top 4 seed he will win it I agree, they wont come top 3 though… Not above any of warriors, Spurs and Clippers.


OKC lose their first game of the season against GSW, KD with 39 pts, and that block exchange between him and Westbrook was vicious.


GSW starting to look very scary, it didn’t take long despite the opening night beatdown they received.


Annoying that KD is hiding behind the Warriors biceps like that. I think Russ is a better player than KD but he’s got no team now. Nobody on that team can shoot the 3 ball and it was inevitable that GSW would swamp them.


HAHAHAHAHA! The Lakers Destroyed GSW tonight. As I said they lost a lot of length and bench. We out rebounded them, and we scored at will in the paint. Golden State is going to suffer against bigger teams this year.

The Lakers have now beaten the previously undefeated Hawks, and tonight we beat the Warriors. I’m telling you, we are the sleeper :sunglasses:


I still don’t think you will make the playoffs this season but you do have some exciting young talent and a good bench. Klay Thompson is shooting the 3ball at 19% through the first six games wtf.


The LA clippers have been on fire dismantling teams thus far this campaign one blemish aside vs OKC, could they be the read deal ?


OKC on top, after we beat them the first time they went on to destroy us two times in a row. The Lakers are missing their 2 best players though due to injury, we’re still hanging in for the eighth spot in the west. OKC and Cleveland are the two best teams…surprise surprise. I hear GSW want to trade Thompson :astonished:


I don’t think they will, but it wouldn’t suprise me if they do. Renewals of Curry, Iguodala and Durant are coming up soon. Maybe they want to add big men and other bench players. I don’t know if they can afford Curry, Durant, Thompson and Iguodala whilst adding other players.

By adding a scorer like Durant, I think his role as shooter/scorer is a bit dimished anyway. He’s a bit expensive to be a 3-and-D guy.


I think you mean GSW not OKC lol. Yeah the lakers are doing as you predicted so far very good call, whilst my blazers have the worst defensive rating of any team over the last 5 years through 19 games… Crabbe & Turner locked into hideous long term deals also :rage:


Looks like the Blazers and Lakers will be fighting for that 8 spot until the very end.


I thought Atlanta was going to be the 2nd best team the east but they tumbled on the standings with 4-6 in the last 10 games. Chicago are probably the biggest suprise of the season with their positive record, no?


When you take a look at the Bulls starting 5 it isn’t exactly a shock they look like they will win 45-50 games. 2nd in the East is a bit of a raffle that 4 or 5 sides could win but Ultimately unless James gets injured none have a chance of beating Cleveland.


Dwight Howard is a cancer to the lockeroom, I’m not surprised they aren’t as good as they were a couple years ago. A lot of pundits were saying Boston would be there because they signed Horford in the off season, and their Coach Brad Stevens is supposedly one of the best in the game but they’ve been a disappointment as well.

The Eastern Conference has been terrible since Jordan retired, almost 20 years now. In the West I think the Clippers, and San Antonio could both challenge GSW. The east is a foregone conclusion though.


In the defence of Boston Horford has probably missed half their games through injury so I wont judge them too much yet, interested to see if they pick it up by the All star break.