The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Oh. And btw. Giannis is going to dominate for the next 15 years.



Another 23/7/8 for Simmons today, Philly got the W also.


Big early wins for Orlando and Memphis thus far.

Giannis doing his thing in Atlanta


Simmons destroying the league


Lonzo Ball going to be better is it ?


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Lonzo’s rookie progress so far, compared to some random dudes who are decent

— BBALLBREAKDOWN (@bballbreakdown) 1 november 2017


Simmons going above 50% from the field also thus far :rofl:


Yeah I was gonna come post that stat last night when they mentioned it while I was watching the game, it’s incredible really! Only 4 guys in the league averaging at least 10 - 7 - 7. Simmons has been really impressive too, I forgot this is his first year, he didn’t play at all last year.


Yeah. For all the hype surrounding the Ball-family, Lonzo is actually delivering.


Simmons is great but he’s also a year older and more physically imposing than Lonzo atm. It’s not really fair to compare the too either because Lonso is definitely more of an old school PG whereas Simmons is definitely more of a ball handling 3. Still though they are both mightily impressive for their ages no doubt.


Cleveland look not good. I know it’s only 8 games, but it has also been 3 times too the finals. LeBron is probably going to LeBron the Eastern Conference Finals, but I feel like Boston has a genuine chance of beating them these play-offs. Great coaching, Kyrie-‘X-factor’ and they match up reasonably well with their length.


Good and OKC are kind of shit too. It’s playing right into the Lakers hands. Our starting 5 next season:

Lonzo, Paul George, Ingram, Lebron, Nance/Randle

2019 NBA Champs!!!


LOL Golden state are winning at least the next 3.


Nah they won’t


I hope not but why do you have this opinion ? Loss of hunger ? Or players to leave ? Age was they still have years on their side.


At this point nothing seems impossible for them from an age and talent stand point, but five consecutive finals and a four-peat seems like a lot for any team to achieve.


I mean yeah historically they could do things no other team has done I guess. However, yes a lot of different things can happen.

Injuries, Curry with his dodgy ankles and Durant missed a whole season not too long ago. Playing deep into the post season has also hurt a lot of teams, and in many cases shortened a lot of guys careers. After 3 seasons of making it to the NBA finals, that’s actually equivalent to playing an entire season, it causes a lot of fatigue. Even Jordan, Bird, and Magic (mostly cause of aids) were done after about 12 years or so in the league because of all the deep playoff runs they made in their career. Kobe went 20 years which is insane but yeah his body broke down in spectacular fashion after about 15 years. And Kobe was a work out freak.

Ego’s will also happen. This team does seem a bit more selfless than say the Kobe/Shaq Lakers teams, however there’s always going to be an issue with salaries. Klay Thompson is kind of the forgotten guy in all this. The guy is a super star and he’s getting paid less than half want Durant and Curry are getting atm. Draymond’s contract is up soon and they are going to offer him a max deal without a doubt. Thompson if he were on another team would probably be a sure thing as an all star as well, plus have a much better chance at being an all NBA’er. Nowadays being a first team NBA player means you get a bump in the max a team can offer you as well. Yeah it’s great to win championships and everything but when you are getting stiffed on money I guarantee that leaves a bad taste in your mouth eventually. Plus in the past players have won their championships and then fucked off to other teams for the money. The Warriors cannot possibly do 4 max contracts as they’d not have money to fill out a complete roster. So either they ask someone to take a pay cut or everyone takes a haircut so they can all stay. Not going to happen. Plus Klay’s dad is the fucking color commentator for the Lakers and played on the Lakers championship teams in the 80’s. He’ll be in his ear to come to LA.

When Lebron formed the first super team in Miami with Wade and Bosh you felt like those guys were gonna go on and win like the next 10 in a row, but injuries happen, guys slow down, you get an upstart team like Dallas that throws a wrench in your plans. Every team had that. The Pistons popped up out of nowhere to end the Celtics dominance of the East back in the 80’s. The Rockets even beat the Lakers to stop them going to the finals to face the Celtics in the 80’s. Shit will happen. Jordan would have been the outlier. I think if he’d have not gotten randomly bored with the sport to go play baseball and leave for 2 years they honestly might have won 8 in a row. They never got to face off against Hakim Olajuwan and the Rockets though. And when Jordan got back, Shaq and the Magic took them out anyways.


Meanwhile Dame just sinks a 30 foot dagger to make it 13 in a row for the Blazers against the Lakers :heart_eyes:




LeBron James 57-11-7 on 23/34 shooting vs Wizards… another triple double for Simmons today also & Philly have a winning record for the first time since November 2013.