The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


I think that whole OKC thing is gonna backfire. Russ is kinda like Kobe in the style he plays. George and he would compliment eachother but I thnk Melo is kinda meh, don’t think it’s gonna go so well over there.


Paul George won’t be seeing much ball considering the other 2 are what you’d call hogs I suppose you could say.


Melo should be grateful he still gets a chance to play for a ring, although Golden State is going to storch them anyway, and take the backseat as third option. He’s going to get a lot of opens looks from 3 etc…


Big 3s hardly ever work unless you are Golden State. Those guys have done a fantastic job of putting their egos in check. One of the big 3 always get left out and their stats suffer. Love in Cleveland for example stat monster before taking a back seat. They would stay together if they could win but yeah GSW will torch them.


The NBA is back, Kyrie’s return to Cleveland with the C’s , and GSW vs Houston, not a bad way to start the regular season.


Hopefully LBJ plays, apparently he’s a doubt.


JR Smith in the starting 5 I think


Get well soon Hayward, nasty break. Poor luck on opening night


Mates are messaging me saying it’s one of the nastiest leg breaks they have seen.


Disgusting break. Celtics season effectively just became mediocre at best.


Ended up being a fractured ankle. Worse than a leg fracture imo he most likely will never be the same. Ankles are the most important basketball bones imo. Knee repair has come so far.


Celtics kids played well but yeah the Hayward injury is the biggest story… new season same old LeBron James also with a lazy 29-16-9.


LJ said he is totally out of shape after the game. Lol.


Big time comeback at the oracle by the Rockets, down 13 after 3 and steal it by 1 :clap:


It won’t ruin his career. Look at PG13 and Shaun Livingston. Both of them had very serious injuries, similar injuries, and they are still playing at high levels.


Only 4 games in but the Jokic/Milsapp backcourt doesn’t seem to get off the floor yet. 1-3 record and an shared 22nd offensive rating with the Kings, which was supposed to be their strength. Bit disappointing.

Giannis has been a beast.


Lakers 2 and 2 what up!!! Lonzo is gonna be an amazing player one day.


Lonzo isn’t going to be as good as Aussie Ben.


I dunno man, lonzo almost averaging a triple double as a 19 year old kid. That’s insane.


With 16, 10 and 7 Ben’s numbers aren’t too shabby either :wink:. Those numbers will drop/change throughout the season, we are 4 games underway. But overall agreed, Lonzo looks good.