The NFL Thread


Come on Eagles


What a fucking ending


Yayyy! Can’t stand the Pats good job Eagles.


World Champions?


Yeah, highly arrogant calling it that. Fucksake, it’s two American teams in an American league. So how is it ‘World’ champions?

Same with ‘World’ Series in Baseball, or Rounders.


BBC had Gareth Southgate on the coverage for this
Wtf would he know :arteta: :arteta:

Woke up and saw Patriots lost lol thank god. Good for Philadelphia, Robert DeNiro in Silver Linings Playbook will be happy now.


Been tracking Jimmy G for a while, now highest paid player in the league. NFC West just got alot harder


Apparently the patriots fucked up letting him go


Jimmy G was a pawn in an ongoing power struggle between Kraft and Brady vs Belichick.

Garoppolo was Belichick’s own project, it was his intention to replace Brady sooner rather than later but Tom desire to play on at 40+ messed things up when Jimmy’s contract was coming to an end.

Rumour has it that Brady, who has very close personal relationship with Kraft, pleaded his case to Kraft about his ability to continue at 40+. Kraft basically forced Belichick to trade Jimmy at a loss after Belichick intended to keep him (They were being offered 1st round picks for him in preseason)

Apparently there’s been growing tension between Brady and Belichick over legacy and credit for the Pats success over these years. Jimmy G was Belichick’s opportunity to show the success (if they won SBs under Garoppolo) was largely down to him whilst Brady wants to boost his sporting legacy by attributing the Pats success to mainly himself.

In the aftermath of SB52 it appears Brady and Kraft were right because Brady performed quite well in the SB whilst the Pats defence conceded 41 points under a Belichick whose meant to be a defensive coaching specialist.

I think the pats fucked up not getting the 1st round pick for Jimmy that’s totally due to Brady.