The Mighty Arsenal vs Sheik Mansour's Plaything


C’mon Arsenal! Put Pep and his oil in their place.


The cup final?


Let me enjoy it :xhaka:


Fuck em all…


Do you [quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:63, topic:1404, full:true”]
Let me enjoy it :xhaka:

The only way you’ll enjoy this is if you’ve picked out some good lube :grinning:


Sorry mate, but City are as crap as us at the back. We can definitely put some goals past them.


Game day bring it on…whatever the outcome ill be there… Fuck the scum fuck city fuck em all…
Eyes right skin back tight bollox to the front,
We’re the boys who make more noise when we’re on the cunt,
We’re the riders of the night coz we’d rather fuck then fight we’re the riders of the clockend HIGHBURY…
Come on you REDS!!


I’m going for a 2-1 win for us.


Well we can’t because we’ll completely bottle it on a stage as pressurised as this. A couple of years ago when we were nowhere near the shambles we are now we struggled to beat Reading at Wembley. No chance we put goals past a proper team in this environment in our current state. And whilst they might have defensive problems like us, we also have midfield and striking problems and an inability to play football like a professional team. We wouldn’t be in the semi final at all if we hadn’t fluked being drawn against two non-league teams in the last couple of rounds.


Fucking hell I’m excited for this one now. Not that I particularly fancy getting through to the final, despite the ‘favourable draw’. No matter how shit we’ve been playing recently I still believe that we can sneak a victory against this lot today. It’ll mean we will hav to play A LOT better than we’ve played for the most part this season, but we have a performance in us to do the job.

I know this will all look stupid come 17:00 but I’m well up for this game.


I just want to enjoy watching Arsenal again. So sick of expecting disappointment and having to convince myself I give fewer shits than I really do. Time for the players to step up. Surely they’ll be up for this won’t they? If one our resident optimists would give my bi-polar sanity a bit of a boost I’d be most grateful.

COYG I suppose.


I think they owe us a performance today and they owe it to themselves to have a performance to have a chance of winning a trophy after such a poor season. They should want this win more than anything right now. Players should want to play in finals and maybe in the 4th round you don’t really care but in a semi you should be thinking of nothing other than getting to that final.

A loss in this isn’t a big deal but not turning up and not giving a fuck will be. I think we’ll come out fired up, it’ll just be how we react to going 1 or 2 down that’ll be the problem.


It’s basically a home game for us, 2-1 win.


If we win the FA Cup and spurs win the PL title, we will meet them in the most important cup, the Community Shield.
I don’t think we have ever met in any final, let alone anything as prestigious as that pre season competition.

I certainly think we can beat Man City.
They will be under more pressure than us, and although we aren’t playing well, neither are they.
Saying that, if we don’t win, Wenger will find it difficult to find a good opportunity to announce if he is staying or not.


Hoping we actually play well for once and they put a performance on for the fans. Arsenal 2-1 (AET)

Annoying though when I know if we get to the final we’ll just lose to Chelsea. :disappointed: lol


I’m so hungover I might just have to stay home and watch this, quite fancied going to the pub though.


Very true but I also think that Pep will be desperate to get his hands on a cup after a forgettable season so far. Mancini won the FA cup before he won the title and I think I remember him putting importance on it as a catalyst at the start of the project so maybe Pep will feel the same.

Basically winning this cup should be the #1 priority for everyone involved with either club which is why I’m hoping it’s an epic clash. Both sets of players should be putting in their performance of the season today.


Reminds me when PaddyPower sat the grim reaper behind Moyes in his last match as Utd manager :joy:


5 @ the back it is


Same lineup as against Boro, daunting