The Mighty Arsenal vs Sheik Mansour's Plaything


Fuck it. Go full Wales and pray for a counter.

            Ox    Ozil
Gibbs   Xhaka   Elneny   Bellerin
      Holding Merty Koscielny


Think I’d go with Cech in nets, and take a gamble on retaining the back 3. Koscielny, Holding and Gabriel. Bellerin has been poor and may well still be injured regardless, I’d keep Oxlade-Chamberlain as the roving wingback. Monreal on the left. Xhaka and Ramsey. Ozil and Sanchez behind wally Walcott


The @hassassin’s XI is perfect with Xhaka in and Elneny out.

In my humble opinion, if he will be fit, Welbeck will play on upfront.


Fuck Gabriel… Rather play with 10.



Come on you rip roaring reds!!
Also gooner John Ryder fighting tonight…


Early start in morning 9.30 Morden onto h&i few sherberts then wembley… Bring it on…


Which set of pubs around Wemberley have Arsenal got this time btw?

West’s been lucky for us in the last two, plus at least one of the Shields


The green man side, we usually hire moore spice but they have that this time.

Edit. Not green man side… We are the East side…


Right, we’re definitely winning now. I can relax :sunglasses:

Edit to your edit: Oh crap…:grimacing:

I have a 100% record from the west/south pubs but then that’s only cup finals


Bollox… Oh well all jinx’s need to be broken…


I love the optimism about our new formation. But if we play 3 CBs, Sterling and Sane will absolutely destroy us. Personally, I think we need our regularly formation.


We had the East for the Birmingham league cup final and that whole day was abysmal

Not sure which end we won from in the Shields as I don’t goto those games

The Crock of Gold is the best bet, but it pales in comparison The Green Man and others for atmosphere (although they’re closer to the stadium)


Also lost to Chelsea 09 from that side… If we are to win the cup its got to be done from the jinx side… Wheres my holy water, lucky Buddha and my lucky pants…


I have absolutely no expectation for this whatsoever so if we happen to somehow progress it will be a delightful surprise. COYG.


Spurs had East today too. I am not looking forward to sitting in a seat that a Spurs fan sat it. We are clearly screwed.


We hired Crystals a couple of times. For a so called night club it was rubbish…tinned beers shit service…


Well if you’re going then I recommend avoiding the obvious places that people will like straight into from the station like Wembley Tavern, head up the road to the Torch (better atmosphere) and the Crock of Gold


I think Wenger’s going to ‘do a Conte’ and start with Sanchez & Ozil on the bench :speak_no_evil:


It’s time for another Sanogo start.