The Mighty Arsenal vs Sheik Mansour's Plaything


Great post! Sometimes the like button just isn’t enough.

We’ll win, 3-1. 1-1 at half-time.


Come on Arsenal!


I always get a good feeling when we play City. C’mon Arsenal!


Don’t jinx it like @Robin_L :giroud:


I think we’ll lose by at least 4-5 goals, this team can barely handle going out there against average opposition in the league. With the pressure on in a semi-final at Wembley against quality opposition they’ll go completely to pieces, and the story afterwards will be about how it’s the final nail for Wenger even though that was surely some time ago.


Absolute epic of an opening post @Cristo.

Unfortunately, that post might just be the best thing about this fixture as far as we are concerned. Don’t see us getting the better of Man Citeh. However, desperate we are for a saving grace this season, let’s not forget, this is also Pep’s only chance of a trophy this season. Does anyone honestly believe that Wenger and his bunch of headless chicken will pull one over Pep and his players, when Pep is just as desperate to win. Am sorry, but I just don’t see any other result other than a Citeh win. I just hope it’s not a walloping.

Head say 4 - 1 to Citeh, heart says 1 - 0 to Citeh.

Again, am sorry.


tl;dr but I gave it a like because it already had 19 so it had to be good.


If we are going down then hopefully we go down fighting and not with a whimper…
But if the wind is blowing in the right direction then im going 2-1 us. Dont think he’ll do 3 at the back for this one so on that basis…
My team.

After hearing team news…
As above
With Holding for Mustafi
Walcott for Welbeck



Bellerin - Mustafi - Kosh - Gibbs

Elneny - Xhaka - Coquelin

Ozil - Welbeck - Sanchez

That would be my team for this game. But obviously it won’t happen.


The big question is are we going to stick with 3 at the back?


They’ll win, better players in better form. We have home advantage at least


Our Dear Leader says Mustafi and Dat Guy aren’t available so you’ll have to change those teams around


If you consider Wembley our home.


We can also score some goals against City, tbh. Could be a 2-2 that goes to ET.


Anyone but Gabriel…


Yeah, but we won’t with the pressure on.


@Cristo You make the match threads worth reading! :grin:


shame some of these aren’t available…


See even Aussie is nearly optimistic so this will definitely be a win. 3-0.


Assuming it’s 3 at the back with no Mustafi or Welbeck available, I would rather we look to protect the back line and wide areas. City will have a lot of the ball. A dynamic midfield three can press City early and cover space quickly. Bellerin and Gibbs should focus on stopping City’s wide and inside playmakers, only offering attacking width when we actually need it. Özil and Alexis can stay advanced to pick off scraps on the counter.