The March 7th protest


Ok…wasnt there so missed it… Non event by sounds of things… The best spoof protest was the black bin bags on seats.had a few internet luvvys spitting venom…


They all assumed they would have the whole stadium joingngin and couldn’t be get their tiny little brains around he fact that the majority of Arsenal fans arnt actually wankers as it sometimes seems on the internet/twitter


It was started by us though(kick greed out of football) but because its us its not news, get mickeys and mancs involved then the media thawn all over it/them. But a victory’s a victory.


Highly debatable tbh. Just because you’re only seeing his flaws in the last season doesn’t mean they haven’t been apparent for quite some time.


Yeah, i know. It’s more aimed at our board. But they will never sack Wenger. It’s all up to him.


I don’t think it’s the case that SRCJJ didn’t see his flaws until last season, though it’s hard for me to know for sure, I think it’s more that in spite of his flaws it was only fair to give him a few years of being able to sign Ozil and Sanchez level players to see if he could take us that little bit higher after years of finishing 4th-2nd (2nd less often admittedly).

I still would have preferred a new manager after the FA Cup but it was pretty easy for me to reconcile myself to such a legend having a chance to prove he still had it in him after he stayed loyal to the club. He basically let himself become a 4th place mediocrity meme when he could have gone elsewhere. I know he had his reasons for doing so including being very well remunerated, but I can totally see why someone would have thought it was right to give him the last contract, that we owed him a debt of loyalty.

None of that will apply to the next contract though if he signs it.


Jakey was in on it the whole time!!


While his reasons may well of included being well paid…its not really a driving factor for him…he could be better paid elsewhere if he chose to be, he could have walked at any point during the debt years and didn’t. I think the financial side is a complete non argument for him…stays to a well paid job, leaves to a well paid job…not a deciding factor in staying or leaving really.


This is exactly how I see it. I knew he had flaws, but I think he earned himself the right to be able to have money at his disposal.

Since signing Ozil, we’ve definitely spent over £200m on transfers and it hasn’t worked out.

£42m, £38m, £35m, £35m, £17m, £16m, £16m, £12m, £10m

Ozil. Xhaka. Sanchez. Mustafi. Perez. Welbeck. Chambers. Debuchy. Cech.

It hasn’t worked out so now it’s very much obvious we need to move on. But in 2014, he broke our transfer record and ended our trophy drought. It wasn’t outrageous that he signed a new deal at the time and if anything it’s actually proven to us that he’s simply out of touch with the modern game.


He could have left in 2006 for Madrid and been paid a bit more, but after being there for two years he’s on the look for a new job. And there’s a limit to how many of these clubs he’s going to be able to manage. Whereas at Arsenal he’s had 10+ years of being one of the best paid managers in the world and he can extend that to 12 if he feels like it, and probably have another contract after that one if he wants it.

Also during the debt years the only thing that austerity didn’t apply to was his wages. Unlike with players his wages always remained competitive and pretty much level with the best elsewhere.

I’m not complaining about that fact, but all in all I find it hard to see that the money plus job security which gets you that money for over a decade isn’t a deciding factor in him staying or leaving.


The Article was a reasonably interesting read.


In the end those of us who felt he didn’t deserve a new contract have ultimately been proven right.


Well I’d obviously agree. As I said in my last post, I didn’t think he deserved a new contract. I was just explaining to you what SRCJJ was getting at because you seemed to think that he hadn’t noticed any of Wenger’s flaws until last season


Well I think that’s reasonable to assume because in no way are his flaws any different or any worse than they were 2 years ago, 4 years ago or 6 years ago.

It’s not been a case of him gradually getting worse as a manager, it’s been a case of people getting worn down by the consistency of our problems. The problems that have been ever-present for a long time and the minute they were proven not to be a component of the strict financial restrictions from stadium building, Wenger should have been out the door.

Wenger could win the FA this season and some people would say he still deserves another chance, and just like the last time they’d probably be wrong at the end of that 2 year extension.


Out of interest, when in your eyes was it proven to have nothing to do with financial restrictions?


I rarely ever even bought into it as a thing if I’m honest, I’ve always felt we’ve had the money to tie down wantaway players and felt that there was usually something deeper within the club when it comes to our frugality. A kind of greed/ego that may be harbored by the board/Wenger but it’s impossible to know so I don’t give it much thought or discussion.

All I do know is that their is a symbiotic relationship between Wenger and the board, a concession of ambition for Wenger’s contracts, his ability to maintain his throne and a perfectly run football club for the board in every sense other than competitiveness. They all win, even average joe players like Ramsey,Ox,Theo,Coq, win, the only ones who don’t are the fans, so in my book the sooner this relationship is broken the better for the people who actually matter.

Though at the same time you know me I’m a cynical bastard more often than not.


If you want to isolate the transfer spend angle then yes, maybe (MAYBE) Wenger deserved another go after 2014.

If you want to add in other measures like League record, European record, player development and ongoing confidence / mentality issues then in my opinion it’s very difficult to form an argument for him staying on after the Hull cup final.

Many would go back to his previous extension (2010) as to when he should’ve bowed out, now at the time I wasn’t one of those, but the 2010-11 campaign + Birmingham defeat was so miserable that in hindsight those people were proven right. I wish he’d walked away in 2011 when it ran down.

But then…no Sanchez, Ozil and 2 memorable Fa Cup days out for me. So swings and roundabouts


This is true. Two great days out, I’ve been to all our domestic cup finals (apart from Chelsea in the league cup) but if it weren’t for the recent two FA Cup wins the Birmingham loss would be the only one I’d been to as an adult. Which would have been a sorry state of affairs.

Of course that means I’ve had some of the most amazing childhood memories but it’s so much better as an adult. Not only because it meant I could celebrate by getting on the piss :slight_smile:


I disagree.

He has been earning top rate for 20 years…he really could do a Scrooge McDuck and dive into a sea of money…so I don’t think that it is any longer a driving factor for him.


I hope it goes well and they make their mark but I think if the team win at Liverpool I say a few of the flip flops will be back to loving Wenger again. That’s how bad it is with the fan base it’s far too fickle and we’re just not tough enough to really make it hit hard. We want Wenger out but we can’t be too harsh on him cause look at what he’s done for us, Sorry Protest’s for me need to be a lot more tougher not saying to call him a C**T or anything but we have to be tougher, who do you love more the club or him, I do think some fan’s love him more.

All this talk of “He wont sign the contract at the end of the season, let’s cheer him on until the end of the season” we heard that a few years ago and he went on to sign it. Anyway hope it goes well but I have my doubts.