The Labour Party


It’s pretty blatant that they’re just trying to bar as many Corbyn voters as possible, rather than trying to counter any conspiracy or whatever they’re claiming to be doing.


Someone got suspended today for inappropriate Facebook post. Offending article, she wrote: I fucking love Foo Fighters.



Do you think he still wins even with all this? If he does can the party be cleaned up or are the cunts just going to keep on sniping until hes gone and the membership increase is reversed?


I’m pretty sure he will still win. And if he does, they will probably set up their own party surely. Either way they are out as they will be facing mandatory reselection due to the Government’s proposed electoral boundary changes to constituencies.


I would say Corbyn is still very likely to win, although there is no official polling to go by. 75% of CLP’s nominated him, and you would imagine that this is where Smith would be most successful.

What comes next is hard to say. I don’t see a split because anyone leaving would see their career go up in smoke pretty quickly. I think they’ll just continue to sabotage in the hope he loses the General election. In meantime they’ll try and wrestle control of whatever machinery they can.


Smith wants to hold a second referendum. You voted out, you have to accept it.


To be fair I think he wants it on the deal we get, not just a rerun of the old one (literally nobody would wants that lol).

I saw the question time debate, pretty much the same lines that both have stated time and time again. Just wish they would have the stupid vote so we can have a proper opposition to the tories.


Smith needs his head checked he is just dividing the party more so. This has cemented in my mind that Corbyn is the man to lead the party. More of the same establishment rubbish coming from simth with his anti semetic nonsense like that is the most important think on labour voters mind particularly when it is basless. Corbyn was more composed and open while smith was just filp floping through answers using same soud bites. Nothing was organic it was just scripted and doing more harm to the party with people turning against him in the end. It shows who is not electable right there and then


Campbell and McDonnell on QT was good viewing.


I finally got my Vote ballot yesterday but I had to keep hassling them ,all sorts of dirty tricks bieng used to block people voting who they think might vote Corbyn ,been called up asked loads of questions abvout why Ive joined the party etc etc ,not banking my 25 quid and having to do it again from scratch , no acknowledgement to enquiry emails asking for the ballot ETC ETC .
I dont like Question time its a phoney program . All the people in the audience are from one party or another and Dimbleby knows and pretends he’s chosing questions at random but they are all pre selected before hand so the debate is a narrow one .


I don’t watch TV. Is the media reporting what genuinely has to be described as a massive affront to democracy in this country, and quite possibly illegal to boot?

Could be anywhere near 100,000 people suspended, expelled or without a ballot, according to some reputable Twitter sources. It’s hard to fully know what’s going on, or the scale of it, but I personally know about 7 or so people suspended. The worst they have done is either tweet the word Blairite or state support for another party before even joining Labour. Even this is hard to evidence because the suspension letters from Labour - very Kafkaesque - do not actually state what the offense was, nor does it give any phone number or guidance on how to appeal. Next will be a move to ban Momentum and suspend its members, such as myself - notice Owen Smith referring to us as alien parasites yesterday, and tomorrow is the Despatches expose on Momentum, so I am guessing they will move on us very soon.


Caroline Lucas and Clive Lewis were good on Andrew Marr’s show just now. Lucas made a defence of sorts of Momentum, saying that many of the members are just people excited and passionate about politics, much like yourself @Dr_Strangepass. That it’s not really fair or accurate when they’re made out to be a bunch of radical thugs (I’m inferring and paraphrasing a bit here, but the sentiments are about right. I’m not quite alert enough yet this morning to remember verbatim). Clive Lewis talking about democratisation of the party was good to see. Saying that de selections shouldn’t be framed in the way that they are, that it is democratic for MPs to face selection rather than being assured of their position. Caroline Lucas made a similar point. Lewis also framed Jeremy Corbyn’s position on the political spectrum, pointing out that his policies aren’t actually hard left and that a lot of them used to be considered quite centrist and accepted across the board.

What was particularly nice was Andrew Marr taking a fairly hands off approach to interviewing his guests, it was quite nice to see figures from the left given a fair shot and being allowed to state their cases without being interrupted etc. Worth a look on iplayer if you have the time.


Corbyn policies has never been ultra left it was a misrepresentation by the media to discredit him. The thing is many agree with him which is never mentioned in any artichles which I find disturbing that our media is doing that crap propaganda that America does.


Thanks for tip off about Marr, it was a surprisingly open handed interview with Clive Lewis. I think maybe because his view fitted the narrative of the programme, that Liberal neoliberalism is currently out of fashion.

No mention of the purge though.


The actions of the Blairites are truly something which beggars belief in the modern world .
Rigging votes in the NEC ,suspending all local parties and accusing people of intimidation and bullying when thats the exact tactic they are using themselves.
I’ve been asked as a new member and registered supporter if Ive ever been a member of UKIP ,BMP,or been a member of Militant or SWP but they are also dead keen to get your facebook details . When I told them I didnt have one they were like really everyone has them ?
Noticed theyve now got Kinnock to put the boot in , another man and wife made rich by being leaders of the labour party !
I supoort the Arsenal and Jeremy !


I like Corbyn and previously thought it would be great if the PLP get behind him.

Now they’re talking about changing the rules so cabinet members are solely elected by members. When you let your base dictate party roles and policy it becomes a very bad idea. Just look at the Tea Party getting Trump in. The people simply aren’t informed enough to make the right choices.

I also think Corbyn is very weak on his numbers and would put us massively in debt, ruining are international credit rating and some of his policies could hurt free enterprise.

He’s probably the most sincere and decent man in politics but I don’t think this is the way to run a party or country. Owen Smith’s treatment of Corbyn has been deplorable though but he is a safer pair of hands.


Letting members choose the shadow cabinet is a horrible idea for me. I don’t think decisions like that are for members of the public.


Owen Smith is a talking head for whoever pulls his strings from above .
Like Blair he has no Political vison , ideas, or even basic morals just a way of making himslef rich by selling out to any bidder .
Like many so called neo liberalists they cannot stomach the thought of an honest man at the helm of the party let alone the country as that might interfere with the continued raping of britains economy by global concerns !
I think Corbyns comment on membership vote is said in contrast to the NEC or PLP making the decisions . A Leader should chose his cabinet or their will be anarchy again !
We are here now because the PLP refused to accept his mandate and wont listen to the membership or the public !


Smith is certainly a populist. My argument with Corbyn and Smith is economic. First off with their unsustainable borrowing plans. To create a viable economy long term you need to balance the books. Corbyn isn’t going to get enough taxes through his plans. If you’re going to be an economically viable leftist you need to propose a true tax and spend system that balances the books, ie be clear what and who you’re going to tax.

His plan seems to revolve around quantitative easing, which essentially means printing more money and devaluing your currency. In turn that means any imports will be more expensive, maybe much more expensive. The more money he needs and he needs a shedload for his spending plans, the more the currency devalues, the more you pay for goods because most of what we buy. IE you and me are poorer as a result, it’s money out of our pocket because our money is worth less and everything costs more.

Secondly plans for a high minimum wage will hurt a small business like mine because I won’t be able to sustain it. And it’ll hurt many small businesses. Then there’s sales jobs that you need to have a low wage and high bonuses to encourage productivity. Even in Communist Russia people were paid according to their productivity.

Now if he tackles those issues ironed out I’d vote for him as I want a government investing in our schools, hospitals and services.