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Think its a bit unfair, calling a respected MP who has won his seat over and over for 30 years plus just an Activist.

He is the most left wing option Labour has had since John Smith


You mean a previously respected MP?..

Sorry easy joke to make. Clearly Jeremy is a very good activist though. He’s unbelievable at preaching to the converted he’s spent his life giving great speeches at rallies and fighting the hard(er) left wing fight. It’s precisely that which is why he has so much support amongst labour members and has also managed to retain that support despite everything.

Jeremy got to where he was by being an activist first and politician second. As far as I can see he didnt work his way up through big office government jobs, he got there through him lobbying left wing causes. Jermemy Corbyn was voted in as leader for his work and reputation gained as a left wing activist not a politician.

But what has Jeremy done since being in charge of labour which makes him stand out as a politican? He’s mismanaged everything!? His shadow cabinet, his back benches, the media, the conservatives and the general public. He hasnt succeeded anywhere except in maintaining the support of people who already supported him by voting him in.

As you said he is the most left wing option labour has had since John Smith. People are voting (whilst blairites are rebelling against) for Jermemy Corbyn the ideology not Jeremy Corbyn. At least in my eyes anyway.


As someone who has been helped by him in the past as a former constituent, I can assure you he is every bit a local Politician who is respected massively in Islington where he has held his seat for 30 years.

Exactly…that’s the way Politics should be, not a fucking personality contest…That way you end up with smarmy pig fuckers like Cameron running the country. Should vote on Policies and beliefs, not on who looks the best…its not the X Factor…


Awful thread title gents, just awful.


Except Jeremy is severely lacking in the policy department.


Which of his policies do you actually disagree with?


Yes she is lying ,the Parliamentary PLP are bieng advised by a PR companmy that is trying to paint anyone connected with Corbyn as a mad lefty bully boy and they have been supported in this by a gleeful Tory press .
Theyve also introduced the term Corbynista which you have used yourself in order to paint the picture that anyone with Socialist values is a nutter or Looney,as again ,you have also used here .
All Corbyn has done is try and lead a party he was democratically elected to do however he has been thwarted at every turn by Blairite opportunists who stand for nothing except their own personal gain !
What the Blairites have done in suspending local parties and fixing votes on the NEC is nothing short of a Coup but ultimately they will fail.


I find it truly extraordinary that people accuse Corbyn of lacking policies, he set them out to a far greater degree than any party has done outside of an election campaign when he stood for the leadership and as far as I know his policy documents are still online. I read most of them before the last contest, there was information about where he stood on defence, housing, working conditions, the nhs, corporation tax, transport and just about everything else.

For that matter, he’s been clearer about his policies than Labour were during the last election campaign when Milliband claimed his policies weren’t set in stone despite standing in front of a stone with his policies carved into it.

Even Micheal fucking Gove, when asked to comment on Corbyn’s election said that the one bit of credit he was prepared to give Corbyn was how clear he’d been on how he’d run the country.


Ridiculous statement given that the latest debate in the commons was him Arguing against keeping Trident, a stance he has taken and policy he has stood by for longer than most peoples memories.

Think the replies above my one put this statement to bed as well.


Yeah, I think this is thread title is getting drastically shortened at some point in the future lol


Genuinely don’t know where I stand on Corbyn. The PLP have treated him like crap from the start, and it hasn’t really been fair.

Then again, no way is he going win a GE, the labour party has to look to the voters aswell, not just the membership. Also, his performances in the commons and outside have been pretty poor. Not really sure what the answer is, but there won’t be harmony in the party for a while (if ever).


If you say so. Personally since Corbyns campaign last year I’ve heard very little about his policies, almost nothing. Some people on here might think otherwise some pretty respectable people hold a different view see the article I posted on Richard Murphy.

As will24 said though chances of Labour winning an election are very slim. Corbyn has some of the worst ratings as an opposition leader ever. A lot of that ultimately boils down to him.


But that’s because you haven’t bothered to look them up or read press suppressing his policies though it’s not because they aren’t there. In terms of having clear policies out there, he has far more policies than Blair or Milliband ever had prior to being elected. Whether you agree with them or not is another matter.

The fact of the matter is Corbyn isn’t been judged on policies, he’s been judged on media spin, ie not doing up his tie, singing the anthem and being a ‘loony lefty’. Rather than an honest political discourse about the merits of policies. Something the population of this country has become too dumbed down to get involved in.

Now as an entrepreneur I’m not a Corbite as I’m unsure whether his policies suit me but I do see the social advantages of some of his policies but the weakness of any PLP unity makes them pretty unelectable as does any red tory candidates.


Can you point me to a place where I can read these policies? As you said I haven’t actively gone out to find them and given Jeremy hasn’t been very good at conveying them to the general public I’d be interested in scanning them quickly.


This blog entry seems to have the majority of the policy documents attached. Some appear to have been shortened from their original format

That’s all from his campaign last year.

This site handily indexes almost everything he’s said about important issues since his election:


Sounds like your cherry picking articles about him from his detractors rather than genuinely wanting to know about his policies which are there to be read as others have said . Winning a general election isnt the be all and end all of this , Its building a party that actually stands for something rather than the current morass .
Since Major both Labour and Conserative Governements have been a sell out to big business and the British Taxpayer has picked up the bill . Lots of MPs getting rich lots of British People getting poor . I disagree with Corbyn on many things but I beleive hes the right man for the Job right now !


Owen Smith is basically another Ed Milliband on the soft left. His voting record is the best judge and it’s a contradiction to everything he’s so far said since standing. You can see how cynical and untruthful he is by looking at his proposed second EU referendum. Obviously he has no intention of doing this as it would be electoral suicide, so the only reason he’s saying it is to have an extra stick to beat Corbyn with, and to try and woo the pro EU metropolitan left in areas like London, expecting (wrongly as it turned out) that the Brexit Labour left in the North would be priced out of the £25 supporter fee. The man can’t be trusted.

Corbyn may not have clearly delineated polices yet, but that’s normal so far away from an election, especially considering the little time he and his team have had. There is a clear direction of travel though, in terms of ideas, we all know what they are, and they will shape the policy when it finally comes out.



I wish I could do that !


Interesting point that needs to be made, countering the claims made by anti-Corbyn folks that it was just the likes of Russell Brand and Owen Jones voting for him.