The Hip-Hop Thread


Still listening to Mos Def’s Black on Both Sides two or three times a week. Such a sick album, I know hip hop aficionados are into him, but it feels to me like he doesn’t get the widespread praise he deserves.


Mos def is most definitely up there with the best, Blackstar album with Talib Kweli is a classic, and he has collaborated with some of the best hip hop producers throughout his career.


Hip Hop and Mathematics :pray:t3:


I’d probably put Mathematics in my top 10 all time hip hop songs (though to be fair if I really sat down to think about it there’d probably be about 30 tracks that could fit in depending on time and mood). Sick beat (DJ Premier is probably may favourite producer of all time), sick flow and the lyrical content is insanely good. Hip hop is one of the best tracks on the album too. I’ve got a strong soft spot for Do It Now too, it’s not the best track but I do love Busta Rhymes’ flow so that elevates it.

Simply an incredible album


Another one


Tyler the creator’s Flower Boy is a really good listen, first album of his I’ve enjoyed front to back. Production is up there with anything released this year.


I haven’t listened to it through yet–I’m sure I’ll like it. But I’ve been revisiting Goblin and Wolf, and I had forgotten how worthwhile his music was, even if it’s frustrating sometimes.



I think this is my first post in this thread smh. I liked 444 but I think people overhyped it a bit because it’s Jay.


People also had low expectations because of Magna Carta, I know I certainly did.


I did to and I’m still indifferent about that album. I think that album was Jay’s way of trying to update himself to the current sound that’s hot at the moment. But I definitely feel 4:44 way more than I did Magna Carta.

Alot of the samples NoID lifted off this was music I was listening to as a kid. So it definitely had that nostalgic feel to me.



I can’t remember the last time I listened to an album that just released as much as I’ve listened to Flower Boy, it knocked 4:44, DAMN and everything else I was listening to out of rotation.

Vic Mensa also released his debut (?) album btw, I expected to hate it but was very surprised by the first 5 or 6 tracks, after that it goes downhill for me. But the reason I’m mentioning it is the Pusha T verse! If your not going to listen to the album, at least listen to his verse, one of the few guys that can consistently reference drugs in his raps but make it sound good.


Not feeling Vic Mensa but anything with King Push in it gets a like from me.


King Kendrick bought a disabled fan a new car with controls that allows her to drive herself around.


Did you ever get through it? It’s amazing imo, can’t stop listening to it. First 10 tracks are near perfect.


I’m gonna listen to that Mensa record tonight.


Jay Elec is something else.


Got onto this group really late, they released their second album of the year this morning.


Got a request if you’d all be so kind.

Can you hit me up with your top 5/10/whatever hip hop albums of all time. Just bought a new SD card for my phone and am on a bit of a downloading hype atm.

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