The General News Thread


Relative of an old high school friend of mine. Devastating to read the news on my FB feed yesterday and hits home even more when someone from your community has to grasp the horrific reality that they’ve lost a young loved one in this way.


Sorry to hear that Hasssan.

If anyone wants to donate here’s the link to do so

I donated £20 this morning. Felt I had to help in someway


What an incredible gesture from her. :slight_smile:



seriously…FFS! Really hope no one has been killed, and more to the point it wasnt another sadistic motherfucker causing havoc!


Perpetual state of attacks. How the hell can the secirity services combat this?

Btw, I should probably wait until this is confirmed as am attack, but it’s certainly looking like one.


My best mate was at Borough market with his girlfriend and heard it all happen. Said it was scary as shit and then they ran a mile to get home


Hope there are no deaths this time. Everyone stay safe pls


For fucks sake


I can’t fathom why that person’s instinct was to film that but I guess it gives a modern shocking insight into these incidents.

Let’s hope for as few casualties as possible on this one :crossed_fingers:


Just some people out to habe some drinks and socialize and these pyschos have to interfere. Disgusting, can’t go anywhere anymore with out the threat of being run down, shot, or stabbed.


One thing I’ll never understand is how people’s interpretation of religion can become so warped that they think these things are ok. There are so many things these people do that is forbidden religiously and is written in plain text with no other possible way of interpreting it.


Daily Fail getting their angle in first, wait to clear up the facts later


just this one yeah? lol


Such a shame, seriously hate hearing about these mindless attacks so often. Pure Evil.


Fucking unbelievable. Will it ever end? :cold_sweat:


What video is this?


What I wonder is, do the imams who preach salafi wahabi ideology know the Quran? Every time these attacks happen we hear the perpetrators say they do it for Allah. Don’t they find their justification in the Quran? Hate preaching against the kuffar (unbeliever) is widespread.

"When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4)

What is the penalty for apostasy under Islamic law? Death.

I wish like most of us that muslims would simply believe and let others be, as I wish western governments would simply mind their own business and pull out of the Middle East altogether. But it’s not that way from both sides, so what can we do to solve at least the domestic terror threat?

I think closing down mosques attended by these jihadis and which are proven to host extremist imams would be a good start.

Anyone openly sympathetic towards ISIS and its fundamentalist interpretation should be arrested and jailed as enemy combatants and for treason.

Coexisting can only happen when all parties involved want that. And I am not talking about coexisting as 2nd class citizens as many non-Muslim minorities experience in the Middle East.

Religion per definition is an “us vs them” concept. We are better for believing in x over y.

Universal Human Rights = all religion take a back seat and we make everyone equal under humanist values.


I loved the pic of the guy fleeing the scene, pint in hand. Sensibly evacuating as told but also keeping his pint because fuck letting some terrorist cunts disrupt his night to too great an extent.

British as fuck.


@Cristo the one in the busy pub where the police officers rush in and tell everyone to hit the floor