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Surely that applies to all terror attacks…?


How could they ever rule that out though. It seems somewhat a ridiculous statement.


Ah ffs just seen Olivia Campbell the girl who’s mum was on tv this morning (the above video) saying she’s missing was the top trend on twitter and feared the worst. I clicked it and sadly it’s been confirmed by her mum she has died :slight_frown:

RIP Olivia :cry:




So you close down places of worship and think that wouldn’t accentuate the issue? You’re just alienating a lot more people.

And then you close places of education as well? The man who carried out the attack - is there any indication he was educated in a British Islamic school to justify such extreme response?? Furthermore, is there even a strong link between Islamic schools and domestic extremism/radicalisation? I’d be interested to know if there is.

For me, foreign policy is what needs to be addressed first and foremost. That’s where the real root of the problem lies. Years and years of really really bad interventionist politics has brought rise to the threat of domestic terrorism. I’m pretty sure I’d be willing to hazard a strong bet that if Britain had never involved themselves in Iraq, Afghanistan or any of the uprisings that followed the Arab Spring then things like this would be far far less likely to happen.

I’m massively against all forms of war and against all forms of extremism. No political cause is worth the blood of innocent people.


It’s this kind of mindless terrorism that makes Trump’s claim that he is “going to wipe out terrorism” look completely stupid.

The people who do this sort of thing aren’t remotely normal and will will stoop to levels most people can’t imagine.
It is impossible to stop this sort of thing, and it’s arrogant statements like the one from Trump, that are just inviting even more trouble to the general population.


I think what Cristo means is closing down places of worship where it has been verified an extremist interpretation of the faith is being practiced, in this case Islam. If authorities know a mosque has ties to Wahhabism and salafism, that it preaches to kill the infidel, apostates and punish those who do not follow their strict interpretation of Islam, then I think it is fair to demand these places to be closed down, these imams to be sent away. If you feel compelled these places belong here, then you can move to Saudi Arabia, where no other religion than Islam is allowed and the country is governed by sharia law.

Education is another important facet. Christo I think said, under Tories education will be even worse, so that won’t be able to help. Just like you, I think education is a cornerstone of a successful society. More money and emphasize should be put into education.

To me, education should be completely universal and liberal. Religious schools, Islamic, Christian and Jewish and any other religion, should be not allowed. Religion per definition is an us versus them environment. “We” are better than them, for believing x over y. Sorry. No more privilege for these institutions. You worship at home and at your place of worship, but you should not create a parallel society in every area of life.

I do agree we should not intervene. Stop bombing for oil and democracy and generally pull out everywhere where we are. However, salafist and ISIS ideology is rooted in the Quran and its more intolerant interpretation of coexisting. I am not so sure they wouldn’t find other justification for causing havoc.

I wish like most of us that we all could live together. That we all be kind and honest to each other. That you can believe whatever you want, have the skin color you have, be of the gender you are and be treated equally and fair.


Top class from the Boston Globe​:clap::clap:


Pizza’s must have gone cold


Such a nice gesture. :heart:


That is yeah. Fair play to her (or her PR advisors)


No doubt her team would have suggested it but I’m sure within herself she’d have wanted to do something for those affected.

I saw that she’d cancelled or postponed her tour to go home to her family and there are people in the comments sections slagging her off for not hanging around and helping out. Some people can be such heartless bastards, she’s only young and she must be pretty torn up about this whole thing.


I don’t know much about Ariana Grande at all but I think if it were me, I’d take some considerable time before getting on stage again

Couldn’t believe some press reports where it was questioned if she would cancel her upcoming concerts, as if the answer would be anything other than a resounding ‘yes’


Nice one Arsenal. :heart:


Don’t get it twisted JB. She is human and I’m sure she has been affected by the situation. I think cancelling the O2 show was the right call, but anything further is OTT. This attack wasn’t on her, lets not make it about her. Also I believe the PR team are there to make the best out of any situation, no matter how detrimental the situation may be. That’s just the cynic in me. (not indicating your post was aimed at me btw)


And still got abused… Twitter Cretins…


Can’t even begin to imagine how she or any of the people who lost a loved one, must feel. How do you come to terms with something like this. It’s just so sad.


Not terrorist related but what the fuck…



Love this club. Powerful statement from Ollie :heart: