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How do you combat this kind of terrorism though?


Education and curtailing the amount of power religion has.

Start closing down mosques with even the slightest hint of radicalisation in them, with extreme prejudice. Shut down religious schools/islamic schools. Extreme vigilance and strong reporting of anyone who seems to be even slightly extremist in their views or becoming it.


Katie Hopkins should be jailed. Nasty bitch.


As a society I don’t think we’re ready yet to strongly go after religion and curtail its drug-like influence over people yet. Maybe in a few more generations’ time.

Extreme vigilance and strong reporting places too much emphasis on self-governance on this, for a society as I say above that I think isn’t ready yet to kick extremist religious behaviour to the curb.

Solution needs to be top down on this


Im confident no-one on this forum is remotely qualified to answer that.

I would say the answer probably lies in the history books.


religious my ass.
21 killed .what sad day.


you/we need more of this…


It is actually 22 innocent people dead by the way. The death toll doesn’t include the bomber.


yes right ,dosnt bring back dead people.
feell sorry for this 22 family’s


and if they’d have said done nothing , What a bunch of cunts they are…probably protecting the bombers…

feel sorry? goes without saying…speedy recovery to all the injured…


I think a war on terror is in order. 60% of the time it works every time.


Not unless you don’t find out who funds them.


yes i kow just piss me off.
now Central Mosque he will play him is the victim.


Why is it just saying Gulf states? Why isn’t the US and UK on that list? :henry2:


Ask CIA. I can’t reveal such a big news :giroud:


oil money in 1970 1980 1990 been spent in teaching (wahabi )or you can name it (salafi way ) all rund the world.


After every such incident all politicians, religious azzhatz and celebrities lock arms and dance kumbaya, but not a fuck is done to actually prevent this.

Closing down extremist places of worship would be a good start, too bad religion enjoys such privilege in this world, even though it is one of the main reasons for an “us versus them” mentality.


oh fuck :worried:


The move comes because authorities have been unable to say for certain that the perpetrator of the Manchester Arena attack, in which 22 people were killed and 59 others injured, was working alone.

That seems like a logical thing to do.


Dominic Casciani
BBC Home Affairs Correspondent

This is a major and very rare move by the UK’s security chiefs. For the past few years, ministers, police chiefs and others have been at pains to try to warn the public that the threat faced by the UK was severe.

But they have steered clear of warning, even when a major plot was being tracked, that an attack could be close.

This time, they feel they have no choice other than to say it may be imminent. In short, nobody at this stage can say for sure whether Abedi acted alone or with the help of others.

They can’t rule out whether there are other people out there.

You can read about the occasions when the threat level has been raised on the MI5 website.

In the meantime, what does it mean for us, the public? Some of us will see the Army in key locations that need guarding, so that armed police can be freed to focus on policing rather than guarding.

We should expect additional time-consuming security checks at ports and so on. The aim for security chiefs is to ratchet up the security while keeping the country moving.