The General News Thread


I am not sure what’s more shocking, the fact that innocent human lives are being cruelly ended in this brutal manner or that it’s happening so often nowadays that it only took me a minute to digest this news. :cry:


Awful news to hear through the night and I hope that the people that are missing get found safe and well.

Got to love the sprite off Manchester strangers opening up their homes to strangers and taxi company’s offering free rides to people so they could get home at least that restored some faith in humanity that community’s still rally round in terrible circumstances.

Edit: 22 confirmed dead now :cry:


Actually can’t believe this has happened. Even in this modern world where we’re meant to be desensitised to these things happening every few months now somewhere around the globe.

I think it’s the nature of the concert and the presence of so many children. I’m so angry that one warped evil person gets to alter 21 people’s lives and their families like this. I say 21 because the 22nd person who committed the act can rot in hell


Some cunt on my facebook lives in Manchester and he did a status to say that he was fine because him and hid wife had their “bullshit shields on”. Every time there’s a terror attack in the West without fail he’s on facebook saying it’s a false flag attack.

Found the rage bubbling up inside me when I saw his status. Took a couple minutes to compose myself and instead of telling him exactly what I thought of him I just deleted him. No time for that shit.


False flag idiots are mentally deranged. I personally know people who lost their friends at the Bataclan in Paris, why would they lie about this? These false flag cretins are as evil as the terrorists committing these atrocities.


Woah, I was with you up until this point. Think you might have gone a bit too far lol


Sorry, they make my blood boil. They are hurting those who lost their loved ones with their ridiculous assertions. I take it back they aren’t on par with the terrorists, but it’s still pretty damn evil imo.


You’re a better man than me Jakey. I would have let him and the world of facebook know what a colossal cunt he is


What does a bullshit shield on mean?


Christian Adams Political Cartoonist | London Evening Standard


I despair with this world, but shit like this is all too increasingly and depressingly commonplace. Or maybe it’s just our immediate and undiluted exposure to it. Whatever, it’s sickening.

But, the second we become completely desensitized to barbarism, evil wins. That Facebook cunt illustrates the point nicely. As does @JakeyBoy 's restraint.


That the idea that there has been a terrorist attack is bullshit, so he’s sarcastically letting everyone know that as a resident of Manchester he’s OK because he was using his shield to protect him from this “bullshit” attack.

Cunt actually got like 20 likes. One of my mates ended up commenting because the amount of likes with no sensible response angered him, asked him why he always felt the need to be on Facebook talking this shit when these things happen and asked him what information he had a mere few hours after the event that had convinced him.Pretty restrained really.

I kind of regret not saying anything myself. But then again the guy made some sarcastic response to my mate which he then deleted almost instantly, like the coward he is. So there wouldn’t have been much point.


So is he implying that it was a fake terrorist attack orchestrated by the government or something?

This all just seems so weird.

I stopped getting into social media arguments with people, same as on OA. I just can’t be fucked any more. Opinions are rarely changed and you just get sucked in and wound up, not worth it. Good for you.



Which can mean that they are saying that the government are the ones who have planted the bomb and killed their own citizens. Or sometimes means that the terrorist attack has been completely staged by the government, there are no real casualties and they hire crisis actors, professionals who provide false witness accounts in the media to dupe the public. Here’s one of the more well known examples:

I didn’t hang around to try and ascertain which one he thought it was.


You should’ve deleted him the previous time he did this imo, why wait


Aha I see.

I mean I don’t believe any government in the western world could successfully pull that off given the all-seeing eyen of social media but ok.


I tend not to delete people, rather pick moments at which to disagree with them and try and debunk things. I think a certain curiosity comes into it sometimes, it’s similar to how I keep this fairly awful bloke around who I know from college who is a bigoted Spurs fan on the fringes of the “yid army” and previously EDL. I like having a direct insight into this horrible fringe communities. At times it can be one of the most interesting about my facebook feed compared to the lame, mundane stuff casual acquaintances post about.

I guess today I was angrier or more emotional than usual because the attack was aimed specifically at children and because he was a resident of the same city that had suffered the tragedy, that takes a special kind of callousness. I’m not sure if that justifies it but that’s why this was the tipping point.



It’s not his name we want to know or remember. His name can die with him!


It was all a little predictable…

I’d like to know what the major political groups plan on doing to tackle this head on now.