The General News Thread




Jesus fucking Christ why would they even…absolute cunts.



That’s just completely disgusting from the mirror, just ugh.



Not one to celebrate deaths but I hope people routinely piss on his grave. Probably be cremated though.

He should’ve told that boy’s mum where he and Myra buried her son.


Please while theres members of their familys alive, no fucking films. They have suffered and continue to do so.


I agree with you that he should have disclosed we’re he buried the child. But eithen if he did they still might not find the kid due to land changing over time


Driver plowed into 20+ people in Times Square, NYC. Killing one person.




Ariana Grande was playing there tonight

“Serious incident”. Fucking hell


“A number of confirmed fatalities” according to Sky News.


Awful awful news.


:cry: 19 people dead and 50 injured. RIP

People all excited going to a concert and not coming home. So sad.


Fucking awful. Hope they capture the people responsible.


Sad to hear. What a coward this person is bombing a concert with young children and youth attending.


Ah for fucks sake, disgusting stuff


So devasting. Poor young guys and children :frowning:


Blooming awful. :frowning:

RIP to those who died. x


Nail bomb apparently.

Not cool.

R.I.P :disappointed:


Truly awful. Rest in Peace.