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Poor fucking bloke. Have a heart @Stroller mate.


I have mate. Me thoughts are with his kids and family at christmas.


You know what I mean. But fair enough, you see things differently. I think it’s possible to feel sorry for him and his family etc at the same time, they’re not mutually exclusive.


Absolutely, @JakeyBoy, it’s sad all round.


I have in the past mate and still do to a point. Just nobody ever seems to realise how the family suffers everytime theres anothe public episode of this.


It’s probably in the guys best interest to make it public. Sometimes people don’t listen to their families and if it’s kept private nothing is done. Sometimes it’s a last cry for help when you can’t help yourself tbh.


Thats a fair point in general mate. Difference is hes had a lot of publicity over the years. Hes had help from the club, PFA and been offered help on tv.
Now that might not be enough but its a lot more than a lot of blokes who have found them in situations like this.
Patience has run thin on Kenny and his blame culture over the years for me.


I don’t really know his background tbh, so yeah maybe he’s milking it I’m sure it’s a possibility. I just know through experience alcohol addiction is a tough one to beat.


Im sure it is. I guess im just trying to say theres more than one person who suffers.
In this guys case that hasnt always been highlighted for me.


Different year. Same America.


And it’s getting worse with Trump and his “i don’t want to put weapons under control”.


When you check in online, you’re asked if you have any guns, weapons, etc. (I can’t remember the exact wording) in your checked baggage. I’ve never carried such items, so always click the ‘no’ button. So, what happens if you click ‘yes’? Can someone enlighten?

When spotted by the x-ray equipment at airport security, why aren’t guns compulsorily removed, boxed up and sent at owner’s expense by mail to their final destination?


click this tweet and read the whole thread. :slight_smile: what a nice story


What a prick


It’s idiotic statements like that mean Labour will not win another election soon.
This plays into the hands of the right wing media.

I assume he is an intelligent person so I can only assume he speaks without thinking.


I don’t know what would prompt that statement, probably something political. Anyway, being of an ‘identifiable group’ maybe he has a keener sense of what racism actually is than most of us.


Something not adding up here:

About this assassination of that North Korean nutter’s half brother: I saw on the news tonight a team of investigators in hazmat gear poking around the crime scene.

Another clip showed a young lady in casual clothes draping a cloth containing this deadly VX chemical over the guy’s face.

So, she’s still alive while the victim died within hours of the attack. How does that work?

Apparently, a few days after the incident, it’s now being reported that she did the deed for $90. Ninety friggin’ bucks?


Fucking pathetic that BBC lead story is about the mistake at the oscars.
So pathetically insignificant story to waste time on.


Will be interesting what the consequences of this will be and how much support/criticism the Dutch government and the mayor of Rotterdam will get for handling the situation the way they did. Having a foreign minister being escorted out of the country isn’t something that happens too often in Europe.

Dutch police break up pro-Erdogan protest

Dutch riot police have broken up a rally in support of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hours after a minister was refused entry to the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam.

The Turkish minister has been sent to Germany, the city’s mayor says.

Police carried out mounted charges at the protesters, who had gathered outside the consulate as the diplomatic row between the two nations escalated.

Protesters were reportedly throwing bottles and mobbing police cars.

Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya, Turkey’s minister of family and social policies, had arrived by road on Saturday ahead of a rally planned to help harness the votes of Turks living in the Netherlands.

They will be voting in a referendum next month on whether to expand Mr Erdogan’s powers.

But when she arrived, Dutch authorities refused to allow her entry to the consulate, sparking a stream of angry tweets.

Ms Kaya has since left the Netherlands, the mayor of Rotterdam confirmed early on Sunday morning.

For more information:


They vote in 3 days and don’t want to give Wilders any advantage.