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A 2 bed house in Islington bought for £300,000 and now only worth £450,000? Is it the size of a shoebox?


Only have it from the pure luck of being born, I’m a very fortunate




guys guys guys, this isn’t msn chat. Debate or leave.


Inheritance without the grief, my mum sold the house I grew up in and bought her self somewhere smaller and a flat for me


CAn we get back to serious news now?

This is an absolute outrage!


You think this is bad, just watch the hell that breaks loose from @persona, when they start fucking around with Ribena! :cech:


12 was already not enough, a box of Jaffa cake legitimately won’t last more than 90 seconds once I’ve opened them


This is a truly devastating quip


thanks snowflake


Especially as he’s the poster boy for MSN-esque chats.


I’m the words of lady Jake… This is a truly devastating quip


From people like you I basically take this as a compliment.


Take it how ever you like, snowflake. :slight_smile:


Tbh the quip game in this thread is pretty fucking weak from all involved. Luv u guys tho :heart:


My personal favourite is use of the word quip, it’s actually tragic.




Good article, made me think about it in more detail.

Whilst the legal framework is there, and clearly prison is not for answer for cases like this (drug abuse etc etc), I still question if this would be outcome if she wasn’t at Oxford. Maybe I’m being unnecessarily unfair, and I’m not sufficiently aware of previous legal precedents, but I don’t think your progression (or prospective profession) should set you out from others before the law.


Likewise. It certainly made me aware of much more detail about the case and how sentencing is carried out


@Kaner have a read. Articulates better than I ever could and is exactly what I was getting at.