The General News Thread


wow What?


WTF!? Fucking psychopaths!


Are you talking about @Cristo and @Midfield_Maestro? Because they fucking liked that article the bloody cannibals. :grin:
But yeah, there are some wicked, sick humanoids roaming this planet the existence of whom makes my skin crawl up inside my own ass.


Bet you don’t own much do you?


I own a 2 bedroom house with a roof terrace in archway, no mortgage, paid 305k in 2012 and it’s now worth 450k, I’m 32 in novermber


okay. :joy:


Again it dosent suprise me you choose not to believe something that is proveably true

I’ll send you a picture of my 199 year lease in a DM if you want


It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just that I honestly find this quite funny.


what would your point have been if you were right that I don’t own much?


No point, I literally just find you and the stuff you say quite funny.


So you don’t want to expand on why you thought I didnt own much and how that would have been relivent if true, Why not?


Because you bet everything you own on something you don’t know is true…


Is that not how betting works? Any bookmaker that took bets on somehing someone knew was true they would loose quite a lot of money

Obviously it was a turn of fraise to show how sure I am that what I’m saying is correct but focus on that rather than the actual point I was making


Can you either have an actual debate or not, this reads like a particularly dull MSN Messenger chat history.


I have been trying but he keeps making points then backing away when challenged, I’ll let him have the last word when as he inevitably will feel the need to


:joy: thanks snowflake.


Is it a property in London, Greater London or a surrounding M25 area?


Also what is the exact physical address and when are you usually not at home?


Central/North London, You can see the Emirates from outside my front door


Nice tbf