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I thought as much


Why this case isnt race related and why its both lazy and ignorant to attribute everything you see and experience in this world to racism.

As per my response to Elec, where the Asian man who beat his wife with a bat and made her drink bleach and try to commit suicide, that wasn’t white privilege, neither is this.

The research part? How is it not obvious.


So 1 example of an extremely rich person who got a light sentence dispite the fact genrelly people of Colour or minority’s do get harsher punishments proves that the case of the girl who got left Off for stabbing her boyfriend has nothing to do with her race?

That’s some very poor critical thinking and I think if you didn’t already have an astablished idea in your head that’s racism dosent exist you could see that

I’m sure youll just scoff and act as if your right again though


I think her avoiding prison was a combination of her race, class and gender.

I do not think race was the most prominent of the three though. But it certainly plays it’s part no matter how small.


Indeed, rich with good prospects, as I mentioned earlier magistrates take that into consideration, and as evidenced, isn’t exclusive to white people.


Of course.

I liked your attempt at pretending you dont have a predispotition towards labling everything you can as white privilage with the earlier comment of “don’t necessarily think this particular case is related to race”.

Nice to see order back in the world. :smile:


So your agreeing that race played a part? Is that not all anyone was saying when you piped up then quickly retreated?


No, I’m not agreeing. Jesus kaner.


So the post you replied “of corse” to saying race, class and gender all played a role dosent seem to make much sense as far as I can see then

Have you stopped pushing the idea that because a super rich Pakistani man got off in one case that that proves that race never plays a part in anybody’s harsher/more lenient sentence?


That was sarcasm. Would a smiley face help? :slight_smile:

Also I advise you rethink the second part of that post, because that’s just a strawman.


Lol using an example of 1 case that bucks the trend of minority’s getting harsher sentences is the only straw man here


I’m not sure you understand what a straw man is, again, too quick to start a racial argument instead of an informative discussion. Do some reading.


If you look at the data you will see that minority’s get harsher punishments for the same crimes as white people, that’s an imperial fact, and you tell me to do some reasearch lol

Using the 1 example that goes against the easily findable data on crime and punishment to try and prove that race dosent play a part in the centances minority’s get is a straw man argument


Don’t women also routinely get lesser punishments than men for the same/similar crimes?


Don’t think anyone’s saying it dosent


Aye I just thought I’d bring it up when y’all just talking about race when the gender thing is likely just as much if not more of a factor.


Criminal punishment isn’t entirely based on which category a crime falls under. You know that right?

Big implications between pleading not guilty and pleading guilty for example.


A lot of the time people will plead guilty on the advice of their lawers, who will give his advice on the basis of how likely their client is to be found guilty,

I’d bet everything I own that more minority’s get that type of advice from their lawers than white people because the lawers know they stand less of a chance of being found not guilty than a white person facing the exact same charge