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I just saw that on the news and couldn’t believe the verdict. So someone with no academic prospects would deserve to be sent to prison when she isn’t :rage:


I remember the case being reported and from what the judge said at that point you knew she was going to get off easy as it was a “one-off”.

If it had been a working class man who did it to his GF I doubt he’d have got off as lightly.

Don’t worry though “we’re all in it together” eh?


Ahh yes but the patriarchy and male privilege!!!


What a crock of fucking shit. Girls, stab your boyfriend and go unpunished it’s fine. Equality never happened that’s for sure, circumstances like this prove in some respects it’s gone way too fucking far the other way.


Plenty of posh white boys get off rediculos stuff too, less to do with her sex and more to do with her race and class IMO


I think that’s true.

I think a lot of the time it actually boils down to class and money and the lawyers you can afford.

There’s that Pakistani daddy’s boy from the chicken company who paralysed a baby a few years back who got off lightly and recently he was involved in a fight where a guy was blinded and he got off pretty lightly too. God reading about him, what a fucking piece of shit.


That case right there really highlights the inequality in the justice system.


Not really, this happens quite a lot. If you take it at face value with that atrocious headline then yeah people are going to get riled up.

But the case is complex, on one hand she’s an Oxford student studying to be a surgeon, on the other she has clear mental health issues, drug problems and attempted self harm.

Is prison the answer? no lol. Magistrates must consider future prospects when sentencing, and mental health problems arent fixed by locking people up and hoping it all just goes away.

edit: the more research you do, the more normal this sort of thing is.


Under no circumstances should she be in such a stressful field as surgery. Who would trust her around their loved ones with a scalpel???

She has already proven she can’t handle it.

I would hope the BMA and GMC make sure she doesn’t practice or get some kind of major fitness to practice punishment but I won’t hold my breath.

Rich white privilege :xhaka:

Rich white boys, poor white girls, rich and poor coloured boys and girls have been struck off for much less.


don’t make it a race thing, that’s just lazy @Electrifying


Are we about to go down that route again? :joy:


If you are ignorant enough to put this down to race, then I have no words.

The real concern here? This making mainstream news creates a barrier for men suffering from domestic vioence finding the courage to come forward.


I don’t necessarily think this particular case is related to race. Although you’d be dumb to deny the obvious issues of race within the criminal justice system. But I think this case almost certainly highlights a litany of other issues with inequality.




Yeah, even when it’s not about race, it’s about race.

Remember that mindset i’ve mentioned before?


I’m not sure you can entirely exclude the racial element of the case though.


You can, you probably just don’t want to.


You can’t, you just want too


Hi snowflake, do some research, thanks.


Research into what exactly?