The General News Thread


its just quick and easy, no changing hands of money and the app means you have full visibility of your route and your ETA.

Fare multipliers will absolutely pull your pants down, but for the most part its a brilliant service.


It seems like such an unnecessary tool. But then again I don’t live in London I don’t really know how public transport is and I just read 3.5 million(?) people used it.


In what respect? I don’t think its usefulness is exclusive to London at all.


I live in Rotterdam and get around pretty well with the options I just mentioned. I do get the feeling Uber is more of a big city thing (London, New York, Toronto etc.).


When they start treating their staff (if they are that…) better then they’ll get my sympathy. Until then I couldn’t care less.

Honestly I’ve never used an uber before and don’t intend on using one in the near future.


Only used it once for the free ride :arteta:

Thought it was quite good tbh. Shows where your driver is, in case they got lost finding you, and easy to pay.


Lots of sexual assault and stuff going on with Uber out here. It’s a very easy way for predators to stalk their prey. Much rather pay a bit extra for a taxi and ride with someone licensed and legit. Plus when there is some type of event their prices sky rocket to take advantage.


I saw on twitter that their were actually more sexual assaults by black cab drivers than uber drivers reported last year


Well, wouldn’t Uber be an actual, literal trail of crumbs for the police to follow to the perpetrator? :thinking:


Uber will appeal the decision, Londoners will continue to use it during this period. Uber will then make some very fucking minor concessions to worker’s rights and passenger safety, and then continue operating pretty much just as they did before.

I’ll eat my hat if Uber have to shut up shop in London. That’ll never happen.


Uber’s quite the divisive topic. Not seen one opinion straight down the middle with them. I reckon they’ll remedy their policies somewhat and they’ll be back. Bollocks to TfL for citing safety reasons as if this isn’t just eliminating competition. Uber never killed the taxi business, limited access and fare control did. The public don’t care about someone having trained for a few years to drive a cab - that was a shit barrier to entry to begin with.


The council or whoever from every other town and city in england have said they have no concerns about safety and uber will still be active in the rest of the country, Id bet a good chunk of money uber will not stop opperating in London for a single day





What is a noxious substance? Something like acid?


Madrid has taken control of The Mossos d’Esquadra. Rajoy is trying to spark a civil war. He is just a madman!


Looks like we are at war with n Korea then…


This is a great article on the n.korea- USA situation;

Think we’re down the territory of one bad calculation from a plane getting shot down or a bomb being launched :disappointed:


I’m not remotely a fan of The Donald, but North Korea continues to cause its own problems here.

North Korea’s aggression towards the South going back a decade shows its not necessarily American-led rhetoric that fans the flames every time. Kim Jong Un needs deposing from within so that this posturing can finally end


Be rich, be white, be female and you can get away with stabbing people because “you’re too bright to go to prison”. :roll_eyes: