The General News Thread


Cheers mate :wink:


Like memes


Anyone near bethnal green? According to the mail another block on fire… No one else reporting




Christ! He is a rockstar by now! Better than Mick Jagger! :mustafi:


An RTA outside an event celebrating Eid in Newcastle. Hope everyone’s ok.


Jaysus. Lucky guy here.


“Ze homosexualen muss nicht have ze same rights as everybody else” :expressionless:

(It was passed btw - it’s now legal in Germany)


I cannot understand anyone that wouldnt wholeheartedly support gay marriage.

Let people live their fucking lives.


Well done Germany!


It just has zero impact on anyone else’s life. It harms nobody, we’re talking about a private arrangement between two consenting adults.

People need to mind their own fucking business and stfu


But what about the sanctity of marriage?!!??? Says the republican senator with several mistresses. And a rent boy.



Still unofficial, tbh. It may be a fake.


Well, you’d have thought the Beeb would’ve had it on their front page by now.



Acid is fucked up


I think cunts would be a better description than miscreants.


Theres absolutely nothing worse then picking on innocent people who cant even protect themselves and completely ruining their life for them just being who they are. What is actually wrong with them that they can do such a thing. Makes me so angry. I wouldnt mind people who commit hatecrimes like this getting dropped into an acid bath.


Something needs to be done about this acid shit man. Never rolling down my car windows again until it’s sorted.