The General News Thread


Stop running people over on pavements you cunts.


Not far from Arsenal Territory this one.


Another abomination by the Mail.


Guess it isn’t a terrorist attack now that muslims are victims :hipster:



wow wallington huh, i used to work there just up the road from the high street! Hope the kid is found safe, i dunno what the hell is going on in the world with all these kids going missing only to be found tragically killed or committed suicide its real sad!


This is the best description of a terrorist I’ve ever heard


seems there are multiple levels of extreme cuntiness…gotta agree terrorists are at the top of the scale!


Heads gone from the daily mail…


Ha, Paul Dacre has had a proper meltdown! My favourite part is: “The Guardian and its writers know that Ms Hopkins has nothing to do with the Daily Mail, but works for Mail Online – a totally separate entity.” So separate that its URL is!

Mail Online has officially hit rockbottom of the journalism scrapheap if even the Daily Mail is disowning it!






Arsenal and the Emirates are two different entities :hipster:


what does that have to do with it lol…bit random?!


I think he’s saying they are the same. Which is amusing because a few Chelsea fans on one of their forums felt the cup was in someway rigged via emirates.



It was a joke, you angus tool FFS!


Do jokes not have to be funny or at least make sense :wink:


I give up. @Calum doesn’t understand me :frowning:


nobody does


Actually, I got it Luca.