The General News Thread


Nah its the breed from round there… Let em come…


Massive fire at a tower block in Kensington. :flushed:


Shoddy landlords and fire station closures written all over this.


How many lives do they think may have been lost ? :cry:


No figures or estimates yet.


£10m renovations last year. Plastic cladding on the outside caused the fire to spread according to witnesses. :frowning:

If it was done on the cheap, I hope someone is prosecuted for this.


Terrible stuff. RIP the lives lost.

The sad thing is the blame will be shifted for years before being settled



Reports of concerns having been raised before. Looking very likely some negligence has contributed to this tragedy.


Christ! Another tragedy for London :frowning:


Bloody awful…They predicted this too. :expressionless:

RIP x :frowning:


Jesus imagine having to drop your child and hope for the best. Terrifying


Absolutely awful :disappointed:

One of the worst fires I’ve seen


Absolutely horrific. Rest In Peace.


I’ve just woken up as I was keeping up to date with the fire. I live pretty close by in Fulham and know of a few families that live there. It is still very chaotic in the area. I can’t stop thinking what it would have been like to be there. Throwing your child out of the window in hope they survive or being stuck in one of the flats with no escape and knowing you will be burnt to death. Its so terrible…


Apparently the death toll around 150 people (unofficially) :frowning:


Sorry but it’s too horrible to imagine. And it’s a miracle that the baby was caught. God bless the angel who caught the baby.

What a horrible way to go, in your homes.



Funny the people urging us not to politicise this tragedy. Remind me of US republicans urging us not to politicise mass shootings like that isn’t a consequence of shit governmental decisions.

It already IS political. The people affected knew that and have made it so, and good on them.



One for those local to me… Keep em peeled.